11 November 2013

Safe and secure: 3M Command Hanging Strips Review and Giveaway

A few months back, we had a couple of big quakes in this city of ours. Big enough to make us all sit up and pay attention. Big enough to make a few things fall off our bookshelf at home, and to make me a bit nervous about how secure some of our hanging pictures were on the walls.

And none more so than the 2 gorgeous Tigger and Pooh embroidered pictures that hang above Mylo's head in bed made especially by his Nana that I hadn't been able to bring myself to put back on the wall since the earthquakes. The thought of glass raining down on his sweet little head if another quake struck in the middle of the night was unthinkable, so the walls have stayed bare, until now that is.

The opportunity to review the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips solved my dilemma of what to do with Tigger and Pooh immediately.  These strips are crazy good. And crazy strong. They work a bit like velcro - only they sound way cooler when you snap on and pull apart the strips. Believe me I should know, I got quite addicted to snapping them together and pulling them apart just to hear the sound they make, it's the interlocking fasteners that make them so strong.

The instructions on the back are very easy to follow, it's as simple as placing the strips on your picture frame and fitting it to the wall - no tools and no fuss needed. And if you change your mind, they come off cleanly for damage-free walls - so no holes and no ripped paint or wallpaper to deal with.

The strips come in small (holding up to 1.8kg), medium (up to 5.4kg) and large (up to 7.2kg) packs so you can hang anything from a lightweight portrait like I did up to a giant canvas print, and are available from all leading homeware, hardware and other retail outlets across NZ. 3M Command Picture Hanging strips are available in both white and black and RRP start from $8.49 for 4 strips.

And for you, my lucky readers, I have a prize pack to give away valued at $24.99 so you can try out this great technology for yourself. I bet you all have a photo or painting or two hanging around the place that you just haven't quite gotten around to putting up yet - and now you can!

Leave me a comment below telling me what you'd hang up with your own set of 3M Command strips and the lucky winner will be drawn in one week. Sharing this post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will get you another entry for each share (but do make sure you put another separate comment here letting me know that you've shared it). 18/11/13 update - a big ongrats to commenter number 2 - Tanya Edgar - some picture strips will soon be heading your way!

In the meantime, I'm off to go hang more stuff securely to my walls - like this great wooden block gift we brought back from the UK which now sits firmly against the wall thanks to the genius of 3M strips!

This is a sponsored post for 3M Command and Digital Parents Collective. Command Picture Hanging Strips provided complimentary samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed within are completely my own.

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