22 November 2013

Things I'm Loving: brilliant books, blinking birds, twistheads and London from Above

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

An unexpected Christmas

I get such a buzz when talented friends make use of their talents and create something utterly inspired. My friend Simone is one of these people. Not only is she the queen of parties (if you want to host a party with any theme imaginable, her party page should always be the first place you go for inspiration), but she has written a magical and modern Christmas story called Unexpected Christmas that is both delightful and refreshing in its take on how Jesus came to Earth. Last year her story was taken by the famous St Pauls church in Auckland and turned into their spectacular annual Christmas video.

I was so darn proud watching it! This year Simone has republished an updated version of An Unexpected Christmas and it's available either here on her blog for Kiwis or through Amazon if you're overseas or want the Kindle version.

I love how beautifully but simply this story is told with concepts that kids will totally relate to. Quite simply a must-have to put under the Christmas tree this year!

Attack of the birds

There are bloody birds in our ceiling. It happens at the same time very year. Starlings or blackbirds (we think) make nests in our eaves and then the noisy buggers young birds hatch and stir up merry hell for a few weeks, disrupting my sleep, making me utter expletives I normally wouldn't dare and making me so grumpy at our complete inability to do anything about it that I force hubby up in the ceiling amongst the pink batts just to check even though I know darn well there's nothing we can do. Plus hubby said he won't exterminate them, and I don't really think deep down I'd want him to. So as usual we just have to wait it out - and know that there's gonna be no sleep past 5am in our bedroom. So this week I'm loving the fact that we actually have a spare room so I can relocate there in the weekends and least get a sleep in!

Closed for business

There's a distinct lack of creativity and crafting going on in my world this year. Part of me is sad not to be furiously making lots of gifts for lots of people in advance of the festive season, but the other part of me is realistic that there's a time and a place for crafting and with the trip taking up so much time and energy, it's not the right time. So you'll have to forgive me if I decide to repost a few classic crafts from prior years in the coming weeks, it's the best I can muster up for now! I'm trying to just embrace the decision to simplify and not overburden myself with responsibilities this year is the way to go.

From top left to bottom right: Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub, Cinnamon Scented Candle, Christmas Cookes in a Jar, and Fizzy Bath Bombs

"This day"

I love that Mylo in his 4-year old way doesn't say today, he says 'this day'. So we'll be having a conversation about something we're doing and he'll say 'Mum are we going to football on this day?'. I love that it makes complete sense even though it's not the done way of talking - I love that kids develop their own unique take on the world and it's always a little sad when they start to conform and lose that individuality in their language.

London from Above

We got given this fantastic puzzle as a gift from Mark and Mary-Ann for the boys. It's a pretty advanced puzzle for the boys to attempt with 500 pieces and small pieces at that. But they have loved seeing the puzzle come to life in their hands and recognising all the famous landmarks as they put them together.


We were a bit late to the party with these being away for the month when they came out - but we are currently working on a couple of rewards for the boys each Friday - if Noah eats his fruit at school all week (rather than when he gets home which is what usually happens) and Mylo feeds himself at dinner (he can be a bit lazy) then they both get a Kinder Surprise - so we are currently trying to collect the Star Wars Twist Heads - so far we have C-3PO, R2-D2, Obi-wan and Padme - only 6 to go!

Even if it's been a ho-hum, mundane, nothing special kind of week over at your place, I encourage you to dig deep and find something to love and share with us!

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