11 December 2012

MNM's Make: Cinnamon Scented Candle

This is one of those crafts that you look at and think 'how cool' and yet it really couldn't be simpler to make.


And the smell wafting through the house from these (the more you make the nicer the smell of course!) is so delicious, it's hard not to want to make more and more!

1 half size candle (I picked mine up at Uncle Bills for $2.78 each, the $2 shop would also be a good place to try)

Bulk pack of cinnamon quills for $3.63 (I got a 250g pack from Moore Wilsons - our fantastic bulk wholesaler/deli/grocer in Wellington  - you definitely need to find these in bulk because the price you pay for 3 cinnamon sticks in normal supermarkets is CRAZY - it's more like $1 per stick! One pack of cinnamon sticks will make 2-3 candles.


1. Take your candle and wind the twine around it two or three times and tie loosely.
2. Take your cinnamon sticks and chop a little off one end so that they are just slightly taller or in line with the height of your candle. You can keep the offcuts to use in cooking so they are definitely not wasted! 3. Randomly distribute the different lengths of sticks around the candle.
4. Tie a bow or knot in the twine.
5. Enjoy yourself or give as a gift!


Cat said...


love and light

Cat said...

Seriously in love with these!!!!!
I need to find a bulk supplier of cinnamon sticks


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