05 December 2012

MNM's Make: NOEL Wall Art

I am so enjoying creating lasting memories with my Christmas creations this year. I love knowing that they can be kept and brought out for many Christmases to come. For the post on how to make your own Christmas wreath go here.

The NOEL wall art was a particularly easy craft to do and looks so effective.

4 wooden letters (I got mine from Spotlight at $4 each)
Glue (I used strong craft glue)
Metallic paint (I used a gold from the Resene Metallic paint range)

1. Paint the individual letters.

2. Arrange and glue the letters together. I tried using the hot glue gun for this but it wasn't strong enough and so resorted to stronger craft glue (more like super glue)

3. Once the glue has fully dried (don't be too eager now!), arrange your wall art somewhere in your house, preferably somewhere you'll walk past and admire at regular intervals if you're anything like me!


Cat said...

I missed out on the linky for Loving - however - have just posted it on my blog


I'm LOVING your Noel !! !! Talented!!

jacksta said...

I like it. So homemade and way cheaper than if you bought it from a gift shop


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