19 December 2012

For the love of a tree

I am falling more in love with our Kiwi Christmas tree with every passing year. The pohutukawa tree blooms with the most gorgeous red fluffy blossom in the summer (which is unusual that it's not spring like most other trees), and it usually times it just right for Christmas.

Close up loving

The pohutukawa is mostly found in coastal areas, and I always think you can tell the sign of a good summer (or not) by how prolific the bloom is - so last year when the whole of the country had a totally crap summer, it hardly bloomed at all, well certainly around these parts anyway.

A mini tree with more flower than leaves

And with New Zealand being a country that stretches quite far in its longitude despite how narrow it is, the bloom arrives at quite different times depending on the climate of each city and town. Even in Wellington, the bloom starts early to mid December down in the city, and gradually travels up into the hills (where we are at 200m above sea level) over the space of a few weeks.

A tree downtown last week

So right now in mid-December, the trees downtown are in full bloom, whereas our trees haven't even shown any signs of red at all. If we time it right, we usually arrive home from our Christmas holiday around New Years, to find our trees have turned a glorious shade of red to welcome us home.

What we arrive home from holiday to 

I totally love the fact that the bloom makes it look like giant baubles on a bright and beaming Christmas tree.

To me, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without this wonderful tradition of nature!


Cat said...

I'm absolutely with you on this one!
I've really noticed the amazing blooms this year it seems I notice red red red everywhere I am!
Hopefully we are in for a good summer

CHD said...

One of my favourite trees too. Can't help but smile when I see one. Cx

jacksta said...

totally agree. I have a few that catch my eye out of the kitchen window. Lovely

Leonie said...

It is so so lovely I agree. We are embracing and celebrating Christmas Kiwi Summer style this year :)

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Oh my very very favourite. Merry Christmas Meg xxx

A little bit country said...

Have just found your blog through Cat - and love it! We are on the East Coast of NZ and the Pohutukawa trees are just crazy beautiful at the moment. Looking forward to joining in with "Things I'm loving". Elaina x


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