31 December 2012

Summer Holidays: Part 2

Here's a few belated snippets of our Christmas holiday fun.

It was almost a little strange this year having a couple of extra days before Christmas Day - usually we'd only have one or two at most. But in the meantime, we enjoyed just hanging out together at Nana & Poppa's especially with Nic and Kim there.

There were country walks in warm sunshine.

There were blueberries to be picked with Poppa. And as always, rides on his mower.

There were stunning sunsets to sit and enjoy with a cold beverage and great company.

And then there was Christmas.

Presents and party poppers galore.

New books to be read.

New games to be played.

New skills to be learnt.

I also made my favourite Christmas treat, mulled wine, again (despite not really being able to have more than a glass with my silly funny tummy) and it went down quite a treat with everyone. It's definitely becoming a tradition.

After a yummy evening meal and with two little people finally tucked up in bed, all the big boys threw around Mark's american football, while us gals played petanque all around the field enjoying the warmth that was Christmas night.

To be continued....

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