14 January 2014

A year in the life....1/52 and 2/52

So I'm a little late to be starting out with Project 52 and I did think long and hard about the commitment of joining in every week but that was fast overtaken by the fact it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my boys individually.

Their personalities, their achievements, their interests, their growth.

It's all to easy to forget to record and cherish these fleeting moments. Particularly this year with my youngest heading off to school (help!) later in the year, I don't want to forget the precious innocence that is being four. The preschool years 3-5 are quite possibly my favourite age - not just my own kids but generally. I love the precociousness of this age, they learn so quickly and are so thirsty to know everything there is about the world. 'Why?' is a very common word as they seek to understand the more unusual and challenging concepts around them that their little minds are trying to grasp.

So without further ado:

"A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014"


Noah: fearless when it comes to water, never feels the cold, not afraid to take on all comers 

Mylo: showing incredible concentration to complete all 20 zoo animal puzzles, learning about geometry and how shapes can fit together inside other shapes


Noah: our foodie, Mr Always Hungry, always up for a cafe treat. And oh those eyes, I could lose myself in the depths of those beautiful brown eyes

Mylo: Mr FBI on stakeout, people comment on how entertaining your facial expressions are, you express everything you feel so candidly

These are re-posts of pictures you may have already seen in other posts, but in future weeks they'll be completely fresh portrait material!

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