01 January 2014

MNM's Adventures: How we saw 2013 {via Flipagram}

All in all, 2013 was a HUGE year for us. It started with a holiday with Mark's folks up in stunning Northland in January, and for most of the year we were building up to our long-awaited overseas adventure to the UK in October, and then it ended perfectly with a relaxing Christmas break amongst family and friends exploring more of our beautiful North Island along the way.

It's almost impossible to know where to begin summing up all that happened during the rest of the year, so I thought I'd let these little Flipagram videos (15 second slideshows made up of my favourite Instagram pics from our mnmsadventures feed throughout the year) tell the story of our year from different perspectives as we saw the year go by.

Don't blink though or you'll miss them - they go pretty quick!

Noah matured a great deal both socially and academically in Year 2, and his football skills and confidence to be willing to perform in public came on in leaps and bounds. He took a blow to the head after getting hit in the head by the flying fox at school back in March which has left him with a good Harry Potter like scar on his forehead. He's conquered riding a bigger bike with gears, still loves a good dress up and goofing around and loved the opportunity to go with Dad to watch his football team play in the UK.

Mylo has embraced so many new challenges this year - playing Little Dribblers football, starting swimming lessons, counting to 100, learning to write letters, and always giving his big brother a run for his money. We saw in last New Years with a nasty bout of chickenpox, and all year he has kept us amused with the unique way he thinks and talks about life. For a four year-old he has amazed us with ability to keep up with all our adventures especially being dragged halfway around the world and back again - perhaps that's why there's so many random photos of him napping here!

This was the year of finally meeting in real life so many of the wonderful bloggers I'd been online friends with. The year of embracing curly hair more than ever. The year of changing jobs (twice - but more on that one in a coming post), the year of being more comfortable in my own skin telling some of the history that has made me who I am. It was a year to capitalise on blogging opportunities that paid for some memorable experiences around the world and a year of reflection and a realisation that the most important thing in life is to love and be loved.

If you've followed my Instagram feed for any length of time you'll know I'm pretty obsessed with the sky. Sunrises, sunset, storms, clouds and rainbows capture my imagination like no other kind of photography does. These were my favourite pics of the sky in all its glory throughout the year.

I also couldn't go past a post celebrating all there was to love about our city this year. Welly is such a cool place and has so much going for it. Shame about the weather sometimes, but there's certainly never a dull moment living there!

And last but not least here are a few of our adventures from this year - from road trips around the far North, to other more local adventures, and we couldn't possibly leave out pics from our amazing overseas adventure.

So yeah.....I posted something like ahem *cough* 1,000 *cough* photos on Instagram this year - so it's hardly surprising I had a few to choose from to review our year!

It wouldn't be a complete picture to show all these amazing moments without also admitting the year wasn't without some real lows too - broken arms, gashed heads, a new job which didn't turn out at all as expected, and a very difficult marriage separation of good friends of ours which had a massive impact on us and our wider friend group as we traversed previously unknown territory trying our best to provide wise and godly counsel on both sides and to do the right thing when it wasn't always obvious what the 'right' course of action was n the circumstances.

As a family this year we are hoping for a little less excitement (although I know that might sound a little odd) and change, and ideally a more settled, simple and straightforward year, although only God knows His plans for us so we will continue to trust in Him and go with His flow - wherever that might lead us!

And now as another year has drawn to a close and His mercies await fresh and new each morning, I wish you all 365 of the most blessed, prosperous and fruitful days ahead in this New Year.

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