27 January 2014

'Simplify' and 'be'

These are my words for this year.

There's a whole lot more knocking around within the walls of those ten letters than you might imagine. For me it's all these things:
  • Less is more
  • Don't be afraid to say no
  • In fact, say no more often
  • You don't have to be all things to all people all the time
  • Think twice about my reasons for doing something - is it adding value to my family's life or creating undue stress and busyness
  • Declutter heart, mind and home
  • Be present in the little moments of life
  • 'Doing' is not the same as 'being'
  • Protect against busyness and over scheduling
God also put a phrase on my heart loud and clear recently:

Love me and everything else will be....

I've thought a lot about what that phrase means. It's a simple statement. But everything else will be.......what? Good? Better? OK? Amazing? For some one who likes to put things in their rightful place neat and tidy, it's enough to drive me to distraction that it's left so open to interpretation.

The point is I think the word 'be' is deliberately and purposely meant to be left that way. I believe He's saying if you really truly love me and trust me, I'll take care of the rest. Everything else will happen as it is meant to happen, and there's no need for striving and trying to do it all in your own strength.

One of my ongoing failings is that. Striving. I've had words in the past telling me I don't need to strive. That He's got my back. But when it's inherent in my personality to be a perfectionist and an over achiever, it's pretty hard not to fall into a habit of striving as a normal mode of operation when I approach any given day and any given task. I know full well that I try to engineer an outcome that I desire by trying my best, my hardest, doing whatever it takes to make it happen, or to get a task done, an event completed, or a situation resolved and ticked off. I'm NOT very good at  leaning into Him and giving it over and saying 'in your time, and in your will'.

This year I find myself the opportunity to trust Him with something BIG. There's this impossible dream in my heart that I'm believing for. I'm almost scared to because it's going to take a lot of faith, and so much has to fall into place to turn this dream into a reality. It's all too tempting to focus on the things I could do, must do to try and make it happen instead of trusting that if it's His will, it will come to be.

There it is that word again. BE. 

I get a sneaky feeling me and BE are going to become much better acquainted this year.

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