07 July 2014

27/52: Exploring Rivendell and Kaitoke Regional Park

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Mylo: you had a bit of a face plant while zooming down the street on your running bike one afternoon. I was busy upstairs painting our bedroom (will it ever end!) and had to come running down two flights of stairs to find you distraught in the garage.

Apart from a bump and graze to the chin and hand you were (thankfully!) ok. But we did remind you how we would rather you NOT be biking on the road even though we live in a fairly quiet cul-de-sac. I know it's difficult when the other kids you play with are choosing to go on the road but I hope that this might have persuaded you to choose a less dangerous option.

 Feeding the ducks in Kaitoke Regional Park - you can hardly even see your graze now - phew!
There goes our fresh bread for the week!

Noah: I am enjoying your reading so much at the moment. With words like 'confident' and 'slaughtered' being read with ease, it's great to see how quickly you can get through chapter books.

Although the other night you came home from Cubs and made us laugh when you said a lady had come to talk to you about 'conversation' when you meant 'conservation'. An easy mistake to make my love.

You love being in the outdoors and were pushing us to do longer walks while we were away
on the weekend!

You also came home a bit gutted that the annual Cubs camp just happens to fall on the same weekend of Mylo's birthday and Nana and Poppa will be here so you may have to miss it this time round. There will be others in the future, but I know it's hard not to be disappointed when you are so excited to be a part of what's going on there. We love your enthusiasm.

Exploring Rivendell - one of the LOTR film locations. Here you are measuring up against the
LOTR characters - we discovered you are bigger than a hobbit but smaller than a dwarf!

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