08 July 2014

Up where the air is clear {Wellington city photography}

There aren't many capital cities in the world as compact as this. Where you can get up at 6am on a dark winter's morning. And be here within 15 minutes. Knee deep in figuring out what shutter speeds and ISO I should be using.

Dawn in Wellington

I found the concrete block structures made an interesting foreground subject in a few of my early shots - getting myself right down near to the water in early shots.

The dawn in Wellington

However, I hadn't banked on the lovely still water lapping just a few inches from me suddenly being overtaken by rogue waves from the 6.30am Interislander ferry sailing powering its way out of the harbour. I may have actually let out a few squeaks of terror as I grabbed the camera and tripod had to jump up higher and higher as the waves seemed intent on capturing me.

Wellington city at dawn

High tailing it to higher ground to escape getting a drenching. And then within a couple of minutes, it was back to normal. It was so odd to have been right there to experience it, hear the waves crashing and then gradually moving back to a swirling eddy, and then.....nothing.

Wellington city long exposure

Long exposure Wellington Harbour

I could have stayed here longer but the pull and promise of a sunrise was getting stronger.

Wellington waterfront long exposure

And the sky was lightening behind me. I would need to move quickly.

Tugboat Parade Cafe early morning

I'd had high hopes for watching the sunrise from Baleana Bay, but I knew as soon as I got there that it wasn't going to meet expectations.

Baleana Bay at dawn

So I jumped back in the car and hightailed it up the hill. To this. Oh my.

Dawn over Wellington city from Mount Victoria

Oh my city. How could one not fall in love with you?

Hutt Valley fog morning

Here you are in splendour lifting dusky eyes to await the sunrise, while only a few miles away the valley remains shrouded in fog.

Dawn from Mount Victoria Wellington

And then it comes.

Sunrise in Wellington Harbour

Slowly, surely. The break of day.

Sun rising over Somes Island

Dawn comes to Hutt Valley

Until the whole earth is filled by its glory.

Daybreak Wellington Harbour

This photo above, my clear favourite from this day. The sun flare turned out better than what I could even have tried to photoshop in afterward.

Bluebridge ferry leaving Wellington Harbour

And as the sun climbs higher, another ferry carves its swathe through the harbour. I'm well out of reach this time though!

View towards Wellington airport Mount Victoria

Every part of the city begins to awaken to the sun's touch.

Vellington sign famous Wellington sign changed

I note the famous Wellington sign that has been giving a make-over to 'Vellington' this past week or two in celebration of the launch of the new What We Do in the Shadows vampire movie made and directed right here in Wellington by two of our very own, Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement.

View towards Miramar and lighthouse Mount Victoria

From up here, it's hard to know quite where to look with 360 degree panoramic views every which way you turn.

The new Clyde Quay marina development

The new Clyde Quay apartment and shopping complex is a stunning addition to the city scape (mid centre of the photo above and below), and will bring a new lease of life to this part of the city when it opens this month.

Clyde Quay Marina opening

And from up here, where the air is clear, even the far-away wind farm seems close enough to touch.

Wind farms from Wellington City

And for one more moment before I must pull myself away to the realities of the day, I gaze upon the great and glorious morning beauty.

Wellington on a good day reflecting the sun

And smile. Today I am right where I am meant to be.

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