16 July 2014

A dilemma I could use your help with....

So here's the thing, I need your help and advice to solve a dilemma I'm having. MNM's Adventures has been morphing lately as I'm sure you've noticed. More photography, less family. And if you follow me on Instagram it's been even more noticeable over on my Instagram feed mnmsadventures.

I've also had lovely, encouraging friends and family telling me I should be setting up a dedicated photography website and possibly eventually even an online shop through Etsy or Shopify or the like to sell prints.

I know myself that for the last few weeks and months I've been posting way less family, slice-of-life pictures on my Instagram feed mainly because of the number of 'keen-photographer' types who are now following along who probably couldn't give a hoot that I just baked a new gluten-free yummy treat or that Mylo's Spiderman face paint looked awesome. 

And honestly, I really would love to keep sharing my family, recipe, and our crazy life pics but I don't really feel it 'fits' with my Instagram feed focus lately. So what's a gal to do? Set up another mnmsadventures feed and rename this one as a photography-only? And would anyone care enough to want to follow the family-only slice-of-life if I did?

And I think I need a new brand. I've been copyrighting my images with mnmsphotography lately - I had so many virtual *slaps on the hand* from friends asking why I wasn't already doing it but at least I am now.

HOWEVER, I did a google search on MNMS's Photography recently and there is another MNM's Photography out there and let's just say I don't really want anyone to ever google search me and think that what they found was me or the quality of photos I'd want to take. I won't be unkind enough so as to include a link, if you're interested enough you can Google it yourself. So that leaves me with another dilemma....

What to be called? Meghan Maloney Photography is a bit of a mouthful AND it doesn't nicely fit on an Instagram profile either......just saying. Although it does seem to be the done thing when it comes to photographers using just their names as their brand.

Here's where you come in....

1) Do you have a brand idea for me to use for my photography?
2) Should I bother setting up another Instagram feed (which will still feed straight into Facebook) so anyone who's interested still feels like they're seeing what we MNMs are up to?

What's a girl to do?!

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