22 July 2014

29/52: 3D glasses and a working clock

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Mylo: I love how affectionate you are. That you think nothing of running up and giving me a cuddle or a pat or a rub and are always so quick to check I am OK when I hurt myself. And I love that you can make me laugh. Your little face is enough to bring a smile to my face at any time of the day. Even at 7am wearing 3D glasses.

Noah: I love how comfortable you are these days going along to holiday programme and how proud you were of this working clock you made one day last week. Like any boy your favourite days are always those that involve going on excursions to the movies, pool or Junglerama but you also will knuckle down to the crafts that are on offer and enjoy showing us all your creations.

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