21 July 2014

On the horizon....

I'm stopping for a brief minute to contemplate what seems to be panning out as a very full and fun school term ahead at our place. And one where even before the term starts it seems to be already packed to the brim with events and activities!

This weekend Mark is taking Noah to the double-header football game at the Stadium, with the Phoenix playing Newcastle United first up, followed by West Ham United playing Sydney FC. Mylo was a little disappointed not to be heading along, until we decided we'd have a Mummy and Mylo date and watch How to Train Your Dragon II at the movies instead so he wasn't bothered after that!

Then there's an 8-year old birthday party at Laser Force next weekend. We took the easy option (not the cheap option though!) and let Noah go wild there with a few friends this year, followed by pizza and cake at our place. Hopefully the hardest thing about it will be making a quick and easy cake. She says hopefully......

I'm also taking the kids to the Disney on Ice show (although they don't know it yet) the night before. I'm hoping that will be a nice surprise for them, and I remember wanting to go last time a similar show came to town so I'm glad I made the effort to book tickets nice and early so we can get along this time, I hope they love it!

A week or so later Mark's heading to Melbourne for a week for his annual work conference. Not terribly exciting as I'll be managing at home solo that week (I'll admit it's not my favourite thing to do!) but he will hopefully get a chance to see my brother and sister-in-law and baby Maia and another of his mates whilst there too!

The following weekend we are heading for a night away just the two of us in Greytown, having booked up another White Swan accommodation and meal getaway package - leaving the boys in the very capable hands of Jackie and Heidi - they'll have a ball having a sleepover at their place I am sure. I've heard talk of an epic Lego Movie game marathon on the Playstation so they're bound to love it.

Then it's my turn to hit the big city. On the last weekend of August I'm also flying over to Melbourne for the weekend along with Nana and Poppa to go to my brother's graduation ceremony and dinner. Plus I'm hoping for lots of squishy cuddles with baby Maia - who'll be nearly 9 months old by then. Darn it, I only booked a seat with cabin luggage so I'll have to pack cleverly and leave the big camera behind this time.

So once September rolls around, I imagine we'll be in full swing planning for a 5-year old birthday party - how did that happen?! It doesn't seem possible that our littlest guy is off to school. It feels like I blinked and wow, it's here! So a LEGO Movie Party is the order of the day and we're starting to think about how we can best pull off another super fun and memorable party like Noah's epic Star Wars 5th birthday party to send Mylo off into the big wide world of school days. As much as we are looking forward to school days and all the new learning and challenges this will bring, we will be incredibly sad saying goodbye to his daycare teacher and friends - that centre and its wonderful teachers have been a part of our lives for a whole seven years!

Then after just one week at school for Mylo, it'll be the end of term and the holidays will await. I think I'll be ready to let out a big hoorah when that arrives! Especially since we have a week's holiday away in Nelson and Golden Bay to look forward to during the break.

Here I was thinking winter terms were meant to be the quiet ones...not in our house apparently!

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