15 July 2014

28/52: A wish fulfilled and 'by my own self'

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Noah: you finally got your wish  for us to stop in at the brightly coloured and very inviting looking adventure park in Levin. We drive past it every time we go north out of Wellington and you always say so wistfully 'I wish we could have a play there'. We only stopped for 20 minutes this time as we were a bit later driving through on our way back from Taranaki but you still felt you got your wish. It was hard to know quite where to begin the park is so extensive with so many different play areas, but you made the most of the short visit anyway!


Mylo: you've always been quite the independent one in our family. Happy to entertain yourself when on your own and quite contented in your own company. You also want to do things for yourself a lot more than Noah ever did at this age. I remember it taking us a while to teach Noah how to do up buttons, but apparently you just taught yourself at some point, we don't even know when, suddenly you were just doing it. One weekend recently when it was just you and me at home, I came downstairs to quiet and called out to see what you were doing, thinking you might have been up to no good. But you were busy doing up all the buttons on your brother's Cubs shirt...just because you wanted to!

This past weekend you were chuffed as you peeled your own mandarin and got your own kiwifruit out of its skin to eat for the first time. You have your own Mylo-ism for this independence. You like to call it 'by my own self' and we love hearing you say it.


Just chillaxing in Gee Gee's new Lazy Boy Chair

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