03 September 2014

35/52: meeting heroes and like mother, like son

A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014

This past weekend I was away in Melbourne celebrating my brother's graduation and my wee niece's dedication at church, so this week's photos are courtesy of Mark's time with the boys.

Noah: this has been a great year for you football wise. Although a few weekends have been missed due to soggy grounds, you've loved the mid-week practices and we have really seen an improvement in your ball skills over the past couple of months as a result. You got the opportunity to meet some Phoenix players on Saturday and the signatures they wrote on the back of your hands were the first thing you wanted to show me when I got home from Melbourne. It's just a shame that they will eventually rub off!

Mylo: your first school visit went swimmingly and you have two longer ones to look forward to this week and next before your official start date on Monday 22 September. You and your daddy and big brother had a ball while I was away and Daddy kept me regularly updated on all the things you got up to - like mini golf at Carlucciland, a trip to the Marine Education Centre and a walk around Zealandia. Phew! I love this shot Dad took of you taking photos of the shags at Zealandia - like mother like son huh!

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