09 September 2014

36/52: Helpers

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014.

Wow boys what a full and busy weekend we had. Not only was it Fathers Day on Sunday, but Noah you had an all day football tournament which Dad took you to, and Mylo you helped Mum out at church crèche and went to one of your best daycare buddies birthday parties in the afternoon...can't believe it's your turn next! Sitting down to the roast dinner Dad had cooked at 5.30pm was the first time we'd really seen each other all day!

It was one of those blink and you miss em kind of weekends - so much so that I didn't even take any shots of you two at all over the weekend.

One thing you love to do is help Dad move his car in the mornings so I can get my car out of the garage to get to work. Here you are this morning squished into the front seat of the car so I could get a quick (and apparently blurry!) shot of you before I left!

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