29 September 2014

On life lately....

Well we reached the end of the term in one piece - there were a few moments there where I wondered if we would actually get there with sanity still intact but we did!

I felt very emotional on Mylo's last week of daycare - it was really hard saying goodbye to the wonderful teachers who had been part of our lives for seven years. Mylo had a dress-up day for his last day and we took in a cake for the kids and a gift basket for the teachers which really felt like only a tiny way we could express our thanks for them having nurtured both our boys so well over this time. We've promised to go in for a visit from time to time so we can say hi so it didn't feel like such a horrible, final farewell!

On the Friday before Mylo's birthday we took some time out together as a family before the busy birthday weekend ahead. Nana and Poppa were arriving for the weekend so we took the opportunity to have brunch out at Spruce Goose watching all the planes wobbling in the wind as they came into land and with a beautiful view out into Lyall Bay. The food was lipsmackingly awesome, and the views fantastic - we will definitely be going back!

The afternoon was spent doing some last minute packing for Noah's cub camp and once he was safely on his way we cosied up and watched The LEGO movie with Nana and Poppa.

On Saturday morning, I dragged Poppa out at 5am to see if we could catch the sunrise at Ataturk Memorial. I didn't have high hopes as it was pretty windy and there was big rain forecast. To our surprise, the sunrise was pretty awesome with candy floss colour and the Kaikoura ranges were bathed in the most incredible pink glow, and that alone was worth the trip out even though it started pouring with rain and we had to dash back to the car in the end.

Mylo had already been up by the time we left home, and he had patiently waited a couple of hours for our return before we sat down and opened up his presents. Amongst other lovely gifts, he was so thrilled to get some LEGO and spent the morning dutifully making it from start to finish, impressing us all with his stamina and ability to follow such detailed instructions!

It was such a miserable day that we didn't even venture out at all. His football was cancelled, which was a shame as it would have been great for Nana and Poppa to see him in action, but in all honesty we were rather glad it was. Throughout the day we all wondered how poor Noah was getting on at cub camp and hoped that he wasn't too wet and cold. At the same time though, Mylo sure enjoyed having us all to himself on his special weekend!

Sunday was the big PARTY - you can see more on how that went in 'the ultimate LEGO movie party' post, and then before we knew it, the big birthday weekend was over, Nana and Poppa had flown home, and we were awaiting the big 1st day of school in the morning.

It was a fairly short introduction to school as Mylo only had to go for a week before the holidays were upon us but all in all it was a great first week and transition to school life for him!

And now the countdown is on till our trip to Nelson and Golden Bays - five sleeps to go!

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