08 September 2014

Night amongst the Lux lights {Wellington waterfront photography}

I do love all the awesome, free events that our city puts on. Even though the Wellington Lux light festival was apparently on last year (although with me working out of town this must have escaped me), this year it was hard NOT to know about it with all the advertising and so many pictures popping up on Instagram feeds.

Even though I had a busy enough week as it was, with getting myself geared up for the weekend away in Melbourne, I still wanted to make a quick trip down to town with my camera to capture some of the Lux lights and soak up the atmosphere a little more leisurely than I had the weekend before. Three kids running from one installation to the next and spending time setting up a camera shot just how I want it weren't a match made in heaven!

We were blessed with a lovely few days of still and calm weather and the city was an absolute picture as a result.

Despite the fact it was mid-week, there were still a load of families and people in general out enjoying the night. Apart from the temperature, I thought hosting the festival at this time of year was a stroke of genius, purely because the lights came on at 6pm which was plenty early enough to take the whole family without making it a really late night for young kids.

The lack of wind made for some lovely long reflections in the water.

This installation below called 'Potions in the forest' was one of my favourite - such a clever and effective design, although the hanging baskets were swaying gently which made it a little hard not to get a little blurriness in the picture!

And the installation below (although hard to capture accurately as these lights were constantly strobing and changing) complete with ominous foreboding music was a real sight for the eyes.

And once I'd had my fill, I wandered back to the car along the waterfront, stopping for just one more pic which is easily my new favourite night shot of the city - the extra Lux lights on the waterfront adding some lovely extra colour to the nightscape.

I'm looking forward to this coming again next year for sure!

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