23 September 2014

37/52 and 38/52: Camp connoisseur and a master builder

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Noah: you were so amped to go on your first ever cub camp. The reality may not quite have lived up to expectation with a ghastly weekend of weather meaning that you spent the entire weekend wet and cold. You got to experience sleeping in a tent for the first time, and managing your self for the whole weekend. We were a little surprised you came home in the same trousers you'd left in, and I'm not sure if you remembered to brush your teeth on the second day but it's all part of the learning experience right?! You told me that you'd heard so many moreporks while sleeping in the tent, and that you did get a little homesick (as did many of your other cub pack mates) at dinner time on the second night knowing that we were at home celebrating Mylo's birthday with Nana and Poppa, but you were a trooper and stuck it out till Dad came and picked you up on Sunday morning. You sure appreciated giving us all hugs and jumping into your warm and soft bed again on Sunday night.

Mylo: it's been a huge week for you - your last day at daycare, your birthday and party and your first day of school all within a few days of each other. And even though the LEGO movie party was a great success, quite possibly my favourite moment was just hanging out with you at home quietly on your actual birthday day with Nana and Poppa. We gave you a Toy Story LEGO set for your birthday that had been sitting in the cupboard (for about 4 years!) and you set to work building the whole thing by yourself. What determination and concentration you showed, you'd only let one of us sit and look at the page and comment if something didn't look quite right (which was pretty infrequent!) otherwise you just kept going till the whole thing was complete. You surprised us all with your master builder abilities again when you got a LEGO movie set from Jackie and Heidi for ages 8-14 the next day and proceeded to build this with no trouble at all either! Oh my little boy it feels like you've grown up so much just in the space of a few days!

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