21 November 2009

Back on track.......

Two reasons for the above titled blog!

The first is because I finally feel like I'm back on the exercise wagon, having managed 2 hours (3 x 40 minutes) on the stationery bike trainer plus nearly 2 hours of yoga/muscle workout on the Wii Fit this week. Yeeha!

Eight weeks post-partum isn't bad for getting back into it, given that it took me eight months to get myself in the right mental space to start proper workouts again after having Noah (which is when I started running again). Ok, so I did do a lot of walking fairly soon after having Noah (as it was the only way he would have a long sleep during the day) but am trying to avoid this with Mylo, as I prefer he sleeps in his bed since he's proved lately that he can and will sleep there during the day.

This week I've seized the opportunity to get my 40 minutes on the bike when I put Mylo down for his first sleep after the boys leave for work/daycare around 8am. It's worked out well as I've gone down to the garage and thrown a load of washing in the machine at the same time. By the time I finish on the bike, the washing is finished and Mylo is about to wake up for his next feed. First thing in the morning works best as I definitely have more energy for it then too.

As for worrying that the exercise would make me more tired, it's actually just like I found in pregnancy, the more exercise I did the more energy I had. And this week I've actually been less tired rather than more tired, not to mention feeling really mentally positive for getting off the couch!

The other reason for this post is to report that Mylo's weight is also back on track. Last week we went to Plunket and both the Plunket nurse and I were a little concerned after he only put on 90 grams in 10 days (the minimum desired weight gain being more like 100 grams a week). So I must admit I had a week of worrying whether my supply was enough or whether Mylo was himself feeding properly since he often only feeds for 5-10 minutes at each feed. And as I've so far managed to continue breastfeeding exclusively - which I'm pretty proud of after a few early doubts, I certainly didn't need the thought that my supply wasn't sufficient to give me yet another excuse to think about quitting and switching to formula feeding.

I dutifully took Mylo back for another weigh-in yesterday, and the scales showed he'd gained 300g this past week - earning him the title of the 'Week's Biggest Gainer' from the 50 babies the Plunket nurse has seen this week. So while I'm not entirely sure why his weight has fluctuated so much over the past few weeks, I am just pleased that at 2 months he now weighs 5 kg (11 pounds), and is gaining as he should be.

And with our next Plunket visit a whole 4 weeks away, I should now be able to relax knowing that he is back on track.

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Catching the Magic said...

Yee haaaa! What a wonderful, happy, positive post! Well done Meghan and so happy life is returning to some sort of normality and you're having a little time to exercise. Also so happy for you that your worries over Mylo's weight gain were only temporary and things are really back on track. Big hugs and congratulations. I must catch up with you again before term breaks up.

Best wishes, Sarah


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