30 November 2009

We couldn't wait...

till the official 1 December to put up the Christmas tree this year. Saturday was so grey and cold and reminiscent of an English winter's afternoon that we indulged ourselves in a little early Christmas cheer. With Christmas carols on the iPod, and the cold rain beating down outside, we were well and truly wrapped up in our own festive world for an hour this afternoon.

The opening words of 'Slinky Malinki's Christmas Crackers' by Lynley Dodd came to mind:

"Christmas was coming, out came the tree
dressed up in finery, splendid to see
With trinkets and tinsels, baubles and bows....."



1 comment :

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Love the photos and your nativity scene is adorable. We couldn't resist putting our tree up either. And with the dreary rain today (and forecast for tomorrow...) it really is lovely to be able to enjoy the twinkling lights.


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