15 November 2009

Fun with a good friend

This weekend has been full of fun for our Noah. We offered to look after Phoebe for the day on Saturday so Faye & Glen could have some time to work on their house (having been delayed getting back in after their major renovations). Faye dropped Phoebe off about 10am and the fun began. Within half an hour we could no longer see the carpet as every toy in the toy box had been investigated, the sandpit had been explored, and Noah's room had been pulled apart by two very excited and exuberant children! Then it was time for fluffies and smartly followed by bacon/banana pancakes for lunch, before a little fruit and quiet time in front of the TV watching Dora the Explorer. Then we headed up to the park with both strollers, Mylo and Noah in one and Phoebe in the other. It was the first time we'd had both the boys in our big stroller and seemed to work well, Mark doing a sterling job of pushing what we calculated to be over 30kg up the road to the park!

If the day had been a little warmer and less windy we may have stayed on a little longer, but in the half an hour we were there the kids explored every piece of equipment, and enjoyed being chased by the 'monster' - an older boy (probably about 5 or 6) who obliged by engaging in their game.

Then it was home for a Milo (hot chocolate drink - not to be confused with Mylo!) and choccie biscuit, before Mark dropped Phoebe home again about 4pm. Phoebe also had lots of lovely cuddles with Mylo throughout the day, and loved sitting next to me while I was feeding both to touch Mylo's head, and so she could be first in line for a cuddle after he was nicely full of milk!

Whilst he was out dropping Phoebe home, Mark picked up his friend Jonny and they came home for a quick bite to eat before heading off to the All Whites game (but more on that in the next post!). Jackie also arrived late afternoon to stay the night and help me out with the boys' baths and bedtime (which turned out to be a little easier and less stressful than last time Mark was out - and the more we do it the easier it'll get I imagine).

Anyway, here's all the fun and antics of the day from Noah and Phoebe, it was lovely to see them playing together so nicely and having such a great time!

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