30 November 2009


A big hello to all the lovely people out there who we know regularly follow our blog (and especially to our lovely families). This is just a little post to let you know you can add comments and feedback on any individual posts, so please do!

The instructions are easy. All you have to do is click on the 'Post a Comment' link at the bottom of each post. A pop-up window appears, and will enable you to type a comment and leave your name for us to enjoy your message!

So feel free to comment away, it's all part of the fun of blogging!


Sarah said...

LOVE the new look blog! Gorgeous! Have you heard of the new 'Kiwi Mummy Blogs' at http://kiwimummyblogs.blogspot.com/ - if you would like to be listed, just send Sarah an e-mail (her details are on the main page). It's fabulous to read so many great Kiwi Mummy blogs.

Daddy Maloney said...

great blog - as always meg-would
like to point out boys feet come
from the macqueen branch-the maloney branch - ie-james and dad
have very pretty feet !!!
love dad maloney +++++


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