09 November 2009

Just Tricking...

The title of this week's post is Noah's latest favourite saying, and I get the feeling he is going to inherit his daddy and grandaddy's teasing sense of humour. Noah is using the phrase whenever he can, he will deliberately say something wrong so you can correct him and then his reply is 'just tricking!'

This week Mark was out on Thursday night for the first time over bedtime, so I enlisted the help of 'Aunty' Jackie to come and stay the night so she could help me out. It went reasonably well all things considered, apart from a couple of explosive poo incidents from Mylo (in the bath and on the towel I put him on when I went to get some fresh bathwater), and Noah playing up a bit to the fact that Daddy wasn't home. It happened to be Guy Fawkes night so as Mark arrived home by 8.30pm, us two and Jackie went upstairs to view the spectacle from our upstairs bedroom, the 20 minute display was most impressive this year I must say.

Having decided enough was enough with rocking Mylo to sleep for half an hour for him to then only sleep for half an hour, I tried a much more tough love approach last week, leaving him to 'self-settle' for 10-15 minutes before returning to soothe and offer the dummy if necessary with fairly good results. It certainly made my mental health a lot more positive by the end of the week knowing that Mylo could actually get himself to sleep with a lot less intervention from me, and made my days a lot more bearable and enjoyable. We've also started trying this at night too, and usually only have to return 1-2 times to settle him for a few minutes which beats holding him till he goes to sleep which was taking us up to an hour, not to mention the sore back/dead arm from carrying him around!

Our gorgeous Boy at 7 weeks old

Mylo's 6 week jabs passed uneventfully, other than him being decidedly more sleepy and less hungry for a few days (the timing of which fitted nicely with our little attempts to do some 'sleep training'). I finally visited my work for an hour on Thursday afternoon, and also took Mylo to the cranial osteopath for a session on Friday afternoon to assist with freeing up his neck as he has a definite preference to turn to the right and I could see the beginnings of a slight flat patch on one side. Thankfully he was an angel throughout the treatment, as I clearly remember Noah screaming through his sessions for the same thing!

We had a much quieter weekend (thankfully!) with a trip to the shops Saturday morning, and it was (incredibly!) the first time all four of us had ventured out together, although Mark and Noah went off to do the supermarket shopping whilst Mylo and I headed to The Warehouse. In the afternoon, Maya & Ryder came to play and we caught up with Laura and Adrian, before Mark cranked the BBQ up for it's first outing this spring. We topped it all off by indulging in chocolate fondue - Noah had a ball dipping his strawberries and marshmellows in the warm, melted chocolate. His face certainly was a picture afterwards!

Sunday morning Noah and I took a quick trip out to the garden centre to buy some tomato plants to replace the ones bought a few weeks back. Unfortunately the coldest October NZ has experienced in 60 years meant that the original plants were in a bit of a sorry state, so we shall try again with this lot and hope for better luck! Then Mark headed out to a game of indoor football whilst I made the most of both boys being asleep at the same time to spring clean the kitchen. Mark and Noah then headed out for their usual Sunday afternoon swim, and then collected me and Mylo to enjoy fish n chips with George, Maya & Ryder and families at a park in Karori. It was a gloriously fine weekend (the first in a while!) and I think, much needed to lift everyone's spirits!

This week's fun!

Here's a few pics of Noah at about the same ago as Mylo is now for comparison

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Catching the Magic said...

Beautiful photos and so happy life is beginning, step by step, to settle down a tad. Good for you with the 'self settling' and I am planning to draw strength from you when my bubs arrives!


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