16 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

There are a few things that herald the coming Christmas season, the first of which is attending the annual Christmas parade in Wellington. Although we will refrain from putting our tree up till the traditional 1 December, going along to the parade seems obligatory (now that we have children!), and heralds the beginning of the season's festivities.

We met up with our daycare friends again this year on a very windy Wellington afternoon. Gale force winds of 120 km/h and rain were forecast, and although there were some strong gusts of wind during the afternoon the rain held off and the show was able to go on! It was definitely one of the windier days in a while, as evidenced by the wind bringing down tents at the annual Toast Martinborough wine festival held over the hill in the Wairarapa, none of which failed to dampen those attending's spirits it seems, Toast Martinborough a Blast.

We decided not to attempt parking in the centre of town and took the boys via the cable car which exits right onto the parade in Lambton Quay. I was envisaging having to find a sheltered spot indoors somewhere to feed Mylo, but he was oblivious to the occasion and slept for nearly 3 hours, only waking when I found a quiet spot in the children's section of the public library whilst Mark and Noah checked out the after party in Civic Square.

It has been quite some time since Noah took a ride on the cable car, which we used to do a lot in the good old days of walking home from work every day. He was obviously rather delighted to be able to ride it again as on the way down to the parade he said, 'Hey Mummy....' 'Yes Noah?' 'I love this!'. Perhaps we can find an excuse to ride it again in the near future!

It was quite the relief to get home afterwards though, mostly just to escape indoors from the battering wind, and to sit down and reflect on what an action packed weekend we have had!

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