04 April 2010

Uniquely NZ

On Thursday I opened some shop pamphlets which Mark had just brought in from the letterbox and got a heck of a fright, and quickly threw the whole bunch back down on the table. This was what was staring back at me!

Mark put Mr. Giant Weta out on the patio, and he scurried away in a hurry. Boy could he move. Murphy was most interested in taking on the big prehistoric insect, who gave him a good run for his money rearing up on his back legs and throwing a few punches of his own.

He was last seen heading off into the bush with Murphy in hot pursuit. Here's hoping he can outrun the cat as I'm not too keen to see him back inside anytime soon!


A Life Less Complicated said...

eww eww eww! we had one at kindy on Thursday - inside! One of the other Mums went and picked it up, showed the kids, then put it outside - I was not going anywhere near that critter!

Sarah said...

Gasp! What a shocking surprise indeed! Our Charlotte would have loved it though as she's really into bug collecting!!


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