16 August 2010

Viral Arthritis

I must admit I had never heard of it until now. None of us had. But this is what poor hubby has been diagnosed with since my ‘Teamwork’ post earlier in the week. After three days of rashes and joint pain, he ended up in A&E on Tuesday night from 9pm-3am. Blood tests done on the spot and very high white blood cells had congregated at all his joints hence the arthritis-type symptoms. It is basically the result of 3 bugs in quick succession, chest infection, sinus infection and throat infection taking his immune system out.

A double dose of steroids and anti-inflammatories the remedy given. He nearly had to stay in hospital but because he is so fit and healthy, they let him come home again. But he’s been signed off work for two weeks. He’d already had last week off with annual leave and we already had planned to have this come week off to spend with the family once they’re back from their NZ adventures, which in some ways is fortunate as he doesn’t have to go further into the red with his sick leave.

He has been an absolute trooper throughout, trying to do what he can to help keep family life trucking along as normally as possible, knowing the extra strain that this has placed on us all. Thankfully, he’s making progress now, improving every day. He’s still getting random travelling joint pain (mostly in his hands the past few days), and travelling rashes which come and go on his face, neck and arms without warning.

We are so very grateful for friends and family who haven’t stopped praying this week. Today we had some lovely friends turn up with flowers, baking and meals for us, and to pray with us as a family. Wow. How privileged are we to have friends like this! There is no doubt in both our minds, that it’s been the prayers that have gotten us through this tough week!


Sarah said...

My heart goes out to you all and really hope Mark feels some relief soon. Here's to hope that spring is bright & kind to you all. Lots of love & well wishes from us all, Sarah

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Sorry to hear of this. Hugs and prayers for a quick recovery from over the Tasman.


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