26 February 2011

Things I learnt on holiday...The Final Chapter

And just when you thought it was safe to check back in...yet another holiday post. But it was that good that if I didn't record all the wonderful memories they would be lost in the recesses of our memory banks before long. Overtaken by the busyness and humdrum of everyday life. Sure, sometime down the track, a forgotten memory would be sparked by another moment, and you'd have this feeling of 'remember when......' but it would be fuzzy at the edges, and try as you might to focus in on the memory, it would remain ever so slightly out of reach, despite your best attempts to retrieve it.

And so, if for no other reason than this, I record these memories. So they are there for all time. Searchable, discoverable, and memorable.

1. You can have your cake and eat it too. 
A summer holiday AND good weather are not always mutually exclusive.

The good weather brought out an abundance of sea-life judging by the numbers of seagulls hanging out at the water's edge.

2. Sometimes a long and windy road leads to hidden treasure.
The Akatarawa road between Upper Hutt and Waikanae is not for the faint hearted. A one lane, narrow goat track at best coming from the Waikanae side. You have to stop every time you meet a car coming in the other direction. But it's the only way to get to Staglands Wildlife Reserve.

As soon as you walk into the reserve, the memory of the long and windy road to get there simply drops away.  Replaced by delight and wonder at the sheer beauty of it all.

I made a funny joke about 'two old goats' when I took this picture. Not sure it went down that well ;-)

3. With Mylo, taking a look never ends in just 'taking a look'
We just wanted to go down after dinner to check on whether the tide had come in enough to fill our hole. Nothing wrong with that right? But this guy, he wasn't at all bothered about whether he had the appropriate gears on. There was NOTHING stopping him getting in to fully explore the hole. And out again. And in and out. And then he figured since he was already pretty wet and dirty, he might as well just go for a complete kersplat.

But we were canny and learnt our lesson before attempting the same little 'look' the next night.

4. When you think outside the box, creativity flows. 
I built this camp completely. With my bare hands. I had a little helper, well for the first ten minutes anyway until something else more exciting proved too great a distraction. But I carried on until I had a structure I was proud of.

One day a camp.

The next a private saltwater spa pool.

A high tide had tickled the edges of the camp, tip-toeing water in with each new wave.  So I went about digging a giant hole and filling it to the brimful. Which I relaxed in for about ten minutes till all the water disappeared and I was forced to brave a proper dip in the sea to get clean again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

5. Train rides never fail to thrill, whether young or old.

6. The setting sun makes already beautiful things appear even more so. 
I never tire of watching the light change as the sun sets. How its effect on regular everyday things can change from one moment to the next. And each moment a truly unique gift from the Creator.

Oh, and did I mention how the setting sun makes beautiful things appear even more so ;-)


PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful photos - and hehe about the two old goats pic! Lovely that you can document your trip. Looks like it was such a stunning time. xoxo

Catching the Magic said...

Stunning photographs Meghan! So lovely to read about your holiday and look at all that gorgeous scenery (and happy faces x). x

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Beautiful post!!!
Hey............you are such a beautiful person. I got your latest package yesterday. I am filled with love and gratitude that you consider me a friend despite us never meeting. Well, consider it done. Friend :-) xxoxoxoxoxox

jacksta said...

Lovely pics Meg!

Penny said...

I love the treatment on your photos, it makes them look so whimsical.

Laura said...

are these people really your family or did you hire models?
holy moly

About Last Weekend said...

Great photos of the family - how wonderful! It all looks so lovely and warm there - am so envious.


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