15 July 2011

Things I'm Loving 15.7.11

♥ School visits ♥
Well just like that they've been and gone. And now my biggest little guy is counting down how many days of daycare are left till the big school day arrives (13 and counting). This was the 'too cool' certificate Noah was presented with after his 3 visits.

♥ Pinata Pride ♥
The Death Star IS. FINISHED.

I reckon I spent close to 10 hours on this in the end. Only I think I'm a little too proud of my achievements, because now I almost can't bear the thought of a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds whacking the crap out of it and smashing it to smithereens. Boo hoo.

But I've been telling myself just to get over myself..and that it'll be a fun way to end the party! As long as we can put it on display during the party so others get to enjoying seeing it before the big lightsaber vs death star pinata battle, I guess it'll have served its purpose.

Note to self: next time I decide to spend so long making something I'm gonna make sure it's something I know isn't just going to be ending up in the bin!

♥ Monster munch ♥
Kinda sponge bob square pants meets something out of a (dare I say it) horror movie?!

♥ Winter bucket list ♥
With the weather finally acting more like what we'd expect from winter, it's now I find myself needing a reminder of what there is to enjoy about winter. Love this little printout I found over at Juggling Motherhood with some awesome yet simple ideas to keep those S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) feelings at bay.

♥ New Wheels ♥
We are so very blessed that Mark has a job that allows him the use of a work car. And even more blessed that he gets a newer model from time to time. Really loving the first ever station wagon version that we started driving last week (the previous ones have always been sedans). Station wagons+family=a match made in heaven - it's already so much better for fitting kiddy bikes in and I'm already looking forward to the thought of taking away mountains of luggage on future road trips with ease!

♥ Brotherly Love ♥
Cos what's not to love about this pic?!

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remaliah said...

Hi Meghan! Your list is great! I had a little smile to myself about you not wanting the kids to beat the crap out of your beautiful pinata - it looks so cool! (so I can imagine the pain of the coming end!). Also really like the winter inspiration list - what a great list of fun ideas! Wow, 13 more sleeps until a big change for Noah. It sounds like he has a lovely teacher, so I hope he transitions really well :) Enjoy your weekend!! (soon-to-be-on-your-side-of-the-world!!!)

Renee said...

Awesome list today Meghan :-) That pic of the boys pulls at some heart strings - my girls do that too - my big girl calls my little one 'my baby' - so so sweet. Actually I've only recently (maybe 6 months ago) weaned my eldest off her night bottle - I couldn't bear to take it off her when I had a new baby and then she was so attached I just waited for it to phase out - so I used to have TWO lined up like that ;-)

Love the work car - looks like it'll fit a whole heap of stuff in it! We're on the countdown to our new work car too - I can't wait for an upgrade! Though then I think I'll be wanting to upgrade MY car too - I'm so competitive with my hubby!

Congrats to Noah for his big boy certificate - not long to go now eeeek - scary and proud moment for you! Have you taken him to pick out a backpack and lunchbox??? Cute!!!

Loving that winter inspiration list - did you make that??? Clever! And what a fab reminder of all the wonderful things about this time of the year.

jacksta said...

I'd feel the same about all that hard work being smashed too! I used to feel that way about making an epic cake. Just make sure when the parents drop the kids off they get a good glimpse of it...like right in the door way or something. At least with a blog we can all oooh and aahhh over it too. Sooo
great job on the pinata! loving the wheels too!

Widge said...

That pinata is awesome!!! well done!! And I totally know how you feel too. I made one for Belle's birthday this year (though no where near as cool as yours!) but I was extremely gutted that it got smashed before I even had a chance to see it happen! all it took was one kid, one blow. all over while I was in the kitchen :(
hehe the things we do ;)

Unknown said...

Totally with you on the pinata. I would NOT want to smash that up! I must show it to my boys too, they are big Star Wars fans and will be super impressed, although maybe I shouldn't show it to them as it might give them ideas!

Love that winter list too. Will need to keep it in mind when it's our turn for winter again.

Nikki said...

Awwww Noah and Mylo are so gorgeous! Especially the pick of Noah feeding Mylo the bottle! Love your family! And your things im loving!! xx

Sammy said...

Oh my, that death star is seriously fabulous... I feel your pain, sister!
How gorgeous is that welcome to big school certificate? That is sooo nice of the school/ teacher- just love it!

PaisleyJade said...

That Death Star is AMAZING!! That's what I love about blogging - at least we get to share pictures of our creations before they get sold/given away or destroyed!

p.s. Yipee about the new work car!!

Ange said...

The school visit certificate is so sweet - what a special idea.

And your pinata....wow! The joy of smashing it open will soon outweigh the pain you'll feel, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey nice wheels!!!
the pinata looks amazing Meghan, so good!!!
love the picture of the boys too...so special

happy weekend
love and light

Elizabeth said...

LOVING the picture of your boys, and everything else of course!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

The death star is amazing, i know what you mean, but atleast your photos of it will last a lifetime!! Imagine all the incredible things our mothers made (clothes, cakes, costumes, pinatas) which got a battering & no photo evidence of the genius beforehand??
I have only ever had a hatchback style car since having children, they are brilliant, i never understood the sedan!! Love Posie

hope said...

a real live Death Star!! your kiddo will be the envy of all the kids on the block!! (and 4 here in mississippi!)

meg said...

Wow look at that Death Star!! It's amazing.


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