18 November 2011

Things I'm Loving 18.11.11

It's gonna be a big list this week, so I hope you'll hang on in there with me!

It's that time already
It feels like the annual Christmas parade gets earlier every year. It's always a bit hit and miss holding it in Wellington in mid-November with every day bringing who knows what in the weather department! But we hit it just right this year.

One buddy loved Star Wars...no surprises there!

The other little buddy was completely entranced by everything this year, and spent the whole time peering around people to see what was coming next down the street. What a difference a year makes...last year he clung to us all like a limpet completely nonplussed!

Me....? I loved Kung Fu Panda! Don't you think he looks HUGGABLE...that is if you don't look too closely at his glazed slightly tripped-out looking face!

Hang on...are we playing football or ballet?
After the parade, we headed up to Kelburn school so Noah could show off his new-found biking skills to Jackie and Heidi. I took this series of shots of Mylo playing football, but the boy has some serious ballet moves going on...isn't that a lovely en pointe I spy in the first shot and a few pirouette-style moves in the rest?!

Yum Yum Kids
I was really delighted to win the Yum Yum Kids giveaway that Angela Noelle of Striking Keys held last week. The byline is 'Eating Made Easy' and they have a lovely range of kids products, mainly for eating, and I am super excited to be able to treat a friend's little girl who is turning two soon with these lovely things:

The magnificence of Mod Podge
You crafty gals out there will understand my new love affair with this stuff. And it's a big feature of another Christmas craft activity I've been doing that I'll be showing y'all shortly.

For those not in the know, it's basically the most amazing glue/sealer/finish you can imagine. I used it on fabric to make some colourful jar lids and the finish is amazing. It's like the fabric becomes a second skin on the original jar lid, super tight and with a good solid finish. It's not glue as you know it, not at all sticky - so you don't have to worry about gluing your fingers together...important when you're a muppet like me, it is easy to wipe off, creating a glossy finish over whatever it is you're using, fabric, glass, paper, you name it. Sheesh, I think I should be getting some commission here Mod Podge people!

Knowing it....
I just love this quote I saw on Pinterest last week. I've so been there!

This fluffball
He's been a part of this family for nine years now, and albeit he has been somewhat displaced as the kingpin since the other two stooges came along, but he is still rather lovely and loved by all.

Loved...apart from this time of the year when he leaves fluff balls all round the house at the moment as he sheds his winter coat. They would sure give Simoney's dust bunnies a run for their money!

Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G
All that is really just long-winded gobbledygook for....eeeeek...I got a new lens! I'd found myself rarely using the shorter lens of the two that came with my camera, so thought it was about time to invest in a fixed lens. To cut a long story short, old lens sold on Trade Me, new lens sourced via a great deal on Amazon, plus Christmas money from my brother equals an almost free swap to my new lens....yeeha!

I love it already. Although if I could get a straight face outta my family to show it off in all its glory, I'd be even happier!

And yep, there are indeed dried bogeys and food all over their faces...it's how we roll!

And what's that....I spy another tongue roller in the family.....man I am seriously in the gene pool minority in this household, not only am I the only girl in the house but I'm also the only blue-eyed, non-tongue rolling, hair twirling member of the family too....I prefer to call it being unique though!

My out-takes did not necessarily show off the lens to its advantage above which called for Plan B: using slightly more co-operative objects instead.

But as I'm sure you'll know I'm unlikely to give up that easily, and had to try again, giving the trigger finger a good workout at Te Papa one afternoon this week....practice makes perfect they say!

Box of fluffies
And last but not least, how LOVELY are these fluffy ducks we spotted on our travels?

Love the little chirrup chirrup sounds they were making as they were following Mother Duck around. I had to laugh at the wayward one stage centre right..there's always one in every family..ha ha!

And here's hoping you're all heading nicely into wind-down mode as the weekend approaches.

Happy weekend one and all!

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jacksta said...

ooh the Te papa shots are beautiful. You really are turning in to photographer pro!
The shots of the parade make me wanna make sure we head to our local one. It can feel a little overwhelming being smushed into so many people...but the kids love it.

Miriam said...

absolutely stunning photos, stunning!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Oh, that panda does look very huggable! Love your new fixed lens - awesome photos. And Mylo's ballet moves are beautiful :)

Catching the Magic said...

Such a joyful list of so much fun! Laughed at the panda - great shot!

And all the best footballers do ballet too ;0)

Laughed at that spider web thing... ha, ha, totally karate master them!

LOVE your shots with the new lense - one of my favourite is the black and white one in the dinosaur pit at Te Papa - with the stones running through hands.

Have a great weekend xx

PaisleyJade said...

Woah - beautiful photography!! Lucky you with a new lens!! Loving your list - so wish we had a cool parade like that up in Northland!!


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