13 November 2011

What's new with you kiddo?

You are our Mylo of contrasts. You can be a ray of brilliant sunshine and a thunderstorm all in the space of five minutes.

Here's a little of what makes you the special little person you are right now:

My (your) left foot
You've still got that great left boot buddy, and we will encourage you to play to your heart's content.

No matter how much I offer opportunities, so far you simply refuse to learn your colours, or is it that you really know them and are just playing a game with me, since when I ask you say that everything is green? Or maybe you could even be a wee bit colour blind? Time will tell!

You still have a fascination with opening and closing doors, which we discovered right back when you were just a wee crawler. This might have played a part in our reluctance so far to move you from a cot to a bed, as we have an inkling we could get a few extra night-time visits since you've been able to open all our doors since you were about ten months old. You love to go around closing all the doors and cupboards you find open around the house, which is very tidy of you, although when we are trying to heat all the rooms in the house in the depths of winter I think we'd rather they were left open!

Bossy boots
You quite like to be the boss and when you've got an idea in your head that involves going elsewhere, you are quick to say 'come on Mum' 'come on Noah' with the appropriate hand action beckoning us to come with. And if we are slow to respond, you'll just grab our hand and pull us in the direction it is you want to go!

Being brothers
You do love your brother, but you also love your personal space, and you tend to get a bit miffed if Noah tries to smother you with too many cuddles, or comes in and tries to take over your games. We are hearing 'No Noah, No Noah' more than ever as you exert your authority right now. But, those rare and precious moments when we catch the two of you playing nicely together with no squabbling, just enjoying each other and totally absorbed in an activity, well I tuck every one of those moments away into little corners of my heart.

All in all, you are an independent soul, and we love to watch you so content to pootle off on your own and make up your own games. That usually involve cars/tractors or other transport crashing or falling from a great height!

What doing?
Your latest game is to ask What doing mum? What doing? all the way home in the car. It doesn't matter that I answer with 100 variations on 'I'm driving', or 'I'm taking us home', or 'We're going to school to get Noah', you still think that it's worth asking the question again three seconds later, just on the off chance I might possibly be doing something different.

Sometimes I break up the constant questioning with a little learning on the journey about the traffic lights on the way... 'Green means go, and red means stop!' See, even though you might be joshing with me with your colours, I'm still gonna keep trying to help you learn!

Jump tampaline?
You love it now. Absolutely love it. And you ask to go out on it all the time. Rain or shine. If it's rain, and we say no, it's always met with a big 'ohhhhhhhhh' from you (think of the sound 'O' with a very disappointed high ending pitch).

You have just discovered that you have your own little boobies and like to pull your top up and just check that they are still there from whenever it is that you might have last checked them. Which is funny and cute now, but I'm kinda hoping you'll have grown out of that one in ten years time...just sayin.

You are really good at walking up and down the stairs on your own by holding onto the wall or the rail, and exclaim to me excitedly when you reach the top 'did self, mummy' (as in: I did it myself, mummy).

Berry boy
You still love your fruit, especially any kind of berries. You've been going through 2 packs of strawberries a week (now that they're actually in season and cheap enough to buy!), and I can't wait for our own strawberries and wineberries from the garden to be ready. It's hardly surprising that you're such a fruit lover given I used to have to mix fruit in with your mashed veges when you first started eating solids to get you to eat anything other than fruit. Given the choice, you usually choose fruit over chocolate..your dentist is sure to be happy with you in later life if you keep that up!

P's and Q's
Please and thank you are important words in our family. And like your big brother, you are very good at using your manners. When you think it's about time for a little something in the food department, you are quick to say 'nack please'. 

But using the word sorry? Hmm....we're still working on that one. In fact, you can be very stubborn about saying 'forry' at times, and this sometimes earns you a bit of 'time out' to consider whether you night want to rethink your current stance. More often than not, a little time reflecting whilst looking at a wall is usually enough to make you realise that saying 'forry' mightn't be such a bad idea after all.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
"I not like it' you say shaking your head, and we have to admit the rest of us find it a little strange, I mean, come on, what kid DOESN'T love ice cream?! In fact, you don't really like anything that's too cold in your mouth. Or too hot. Or too chewy for that matter, so it's a mission to get you to eat chicken or beef. You do have a lots of other food loves though: pasta, potato, corn fritters, grapes, porridge, cheese, couscous, and broccoli (I salute you for being a kid that actually loves any green veg at this age!).

That giggle
Oh that giggle, it gets me it does. You really do have the loveliest, most infectious, full-bodied little laugh.

Unlike your brother who would happily sit and watch TV all day long if we let him (which we don't of course!), you usually only give the TV about 10 minutes of your attention before wandering off to find something else more interesting. And you know what, I kinda like that about you kiddo!

Toddler Tales
Today I heard a story about you that tickled me pink. Our daycare centre manager had waved to you and Noah sitting in the car as Daddy was dropping you off this morning. Noah chose to stay in the car while Daddy then took you into the centre. Later in the morning, the manager said hi to you again but accidentally called you 'Noah'. To which you replied 'No I Mylo. Noah locked in car'. She (and I) thought it was hilarious that you may have imagined Noah staying locked in the car outside all day!

So that's you, right now, Mr.M.

Our family is all the richer, more challenging with you in it. And our world has expanded to unmeasurable shades of wonderful, all because of you.

We are blessed by the gift of you, our gorgeous boy, and we thank God for you. You with those dark eyelashes that go on and on, and that cheeky dimple-on-one-side smile.

You are unique, and you are ours.


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Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

What a gorgeous little treasure! And so many photos to celebrate the memories you look to be creating! Fabulous post!

:) Hazel

Catching the Magic said...

Oh Meghan, this is a darling post! That last photograph is such a great portrait. Mylo has the most incredible expressions (an actor in the making?!) and you have such a talent in capturing them.

Certainly sounds like you have your hands full at the moment... I can foresee 2012 being a bit like that for me with Alice, hee, hee!

This is a great post for the treasure chest to look back on. So many things that we forget if we don't jot them down in the business of life - that's what makes blogging so great!

Have a great week and watch out for those traffic lights (by the way Dan's colour blind with red and green - that's his excuse... x).

Sarah xx

dearfutureme... said...

So sweet!


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