26 February 2012

When summer stayed the day

At long last.

A summers day worthy of its name.

Still and warm.

A day worthy of an expedition. To a high hill on a distant headland.

In search of the memorial to those who bravely fought and lost on far foreign shores.

The Ataturk memorial.

Dedicated to those who lost their loves fighting for our freedom nearly a hundred years ago.

We will not forget their sacrifice.

I wonder how different these young lives might have been if those brave souls had not fought

Thankfully they can enjoy the warmth of this summers day knowing peace

There is nothing but beauty to be seen through their eyes

They are free to climb hills

And survey the wondrous land of the long white cloud

They are so, so blessed.

Blessed to capture nature in its raw beauty

Even the raw beauty of cabbage moths mating

 A rare chance to see how love and creation exist in the wild

The wilds that surround here are truly wild

The hills in summer densely covered in the canary yellow gorse flower

Beautiful from afar, so deadly sharp up close

The wild was sought and the wild was found

Even in these wild flowers hugging the sand dunes

The burdens of the soul are somehow lightened just by breathing in this salt air

And beholding the ebb and flow

Ebb and flow

 With great reluctance leaving the beach to return to its own intimate waltz with the shore

Drawn now to the far fetched loveliness of the coastal road

No greater show on earth than that of sun, sea and sky

Each one on its own a picture but put together a living masterpiece.


remaliah said...

Wow, what stunning photos! Oh those cloud shots make me miss our beautiful NZ skies! Looks like you had a wonderful family day :)

Sammy said...

Love the summer day! I can't believe its the first day of Autumn soon, where has summer been???

Catching the Magic said...

Stunning Meghan. I love that spot. Been a while since I've been. Beautiful photographs and looks like a really special family outing. Also love your shell banner too :)

Brigitte said...

Oh your photos are GORGEOUS! Really, truly.
A family day out captured so beautifully, written so poetically. You are a clever lady :) xx


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