09 March 2012

Things I'm Loving 9.3.12

For sanity's sake
Loving the recent decision our family has made which cuts out a bit of the craziness of our week. And I'm all for that! Up till now, there's been 3 days where I've been walking to work, running back to school to pick up Noah at 3pm, walking home with Noah, driving back to town to get Mylo from daycare and that was pretty much the afternoon gone.

So now I've decided to pay for a monthly park and drive in every day. If I'm disciplined I will still get my exercise in before 6.30am (either a run, bike or time on the Wii) and be able to drive to work by 7.15am. It means I get to see the boys (albeit briefly) every morning, AND the much bigger positive is that I can pick Mylo up at 2.30pm EVERY day, drive to school to get Noah and have every afternoon from 3pm free with both the boys.

Part of me wonders why I haven't thought about it doing it sooner (maybe partly the extra cost of the petrol and parking), but now that I've made the decision, it feels like a huge weight off my shoulders.

And what price can I put on having more time with my boys for more afternoons like this?

I can't, it's priceless.

Polar bear bingo
We got this game from the Scholastic book club and it is just perfect for Noah's age and reading/writing stage. It has four different levels that you can build on, and at $9 is a total bargain. I love playing it with him.

Loving Lisa's new toppings, especially Chakalaka (kinda spicy with cumin, garlic and chilli) on our homemade focaccia bread. Although, I can't hear the word Chakalaka without thinking of Sid the sloth in Ice Age 3.

Spotty socks
Just love these socks and the little person who wears them. That is all.

Cutching in

It's probably pushing to a bit far to say I loved the weather dealt up to us last Saturday. But although the weather was pretty torrid here, we get somewhat used to bad storms in Wellington, usually suffering through half a dozen in any given year.

But what I did love about it? Waking up to howling wind and driving rain and lying in bed feeling thankful for the roof over my head, the warmth of the covers around me, and the knowledge that my loved ones were safe.

The weather bomb did give us an excuse for a very homey day. Starting with Mark making homemade korma for dinner in the slow cooker, followed by homemade focaccia bread for lunch, and then Noah and I baked my Christmas Cookie in a Jar recipe that afternoon. There were some new iPod kids apps to try out, an old favourite Finding Nemo to be watched, hide n seek and card games to be played. Some days are just made for cutching in and this was definitely one of them!

Like I said on Facebook last weekend, 
one day I might learn that 5cm apart in the recipe really means 5 cm apart
when it comes to baking!

The tuatara and the skink
Loved reading this Kiwi take on the tortoise and the hare that Noah brought home from the library. Old Sammy the skink thinks he's the fastest thing since sliced bread and challenges old Tom Tuatara to a race. But his overconfidence is his undoing in the end and slow and steady wins in the end.

Lovely rhyming and lots of fabulous other Kiwi creatures to spot amongst the pages.

All hail Sir Peter
Loving this new production video from Peter Jackson in the making of The Hobbit. Boy does it showcase our beautiful country at its best.

What lovely things are you loving this week my lovelies?



Jaz from Treacy Family said...

That clip is really cool Thanks! xx

jacksta said...

More time with the boys sounds like a grand idea!
Crakalaka....such a funny word!

Have a great weekend!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Mmm, that hummus on THAT bread looks divine. We like the pumpkin and basil pesto one round these parts.
Cute spotty socks too!
Happy Friday xx

Dee said...

i really enjoyed that Hobbit clip! JR's dad worked at the Hobbiton set in Matamata for a few years so we were able to travel out and see the set like that, all ready for filming...it was A.MAZE.ING.

have a lovely weekend with your guys X

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh i loathe crazy afternoons, with 4 children & one mumma (even if my husband was here, he'd be at work & it's still up to me times 4 children all over the place) & i'm LOVING that my high schooler has all her sports practise before school, it's fantastic, sure i have to sit outside primary school 90 minutes early a couple of mornings a week, but we talk & do homework. Leaves our afternoons free, & starting next week, just one night 6-9p.m. of volleyball - after homework & dinner, it's so manageable.
I do homework from the treadmill, works a treat, endless spelling lists!! Then i check maths on a hill climb. We mummies know how to make it work, love Posie

Leonie said...

Sounds like a perfect solution to your afternoons Meghan!! I am so lucky that school is only about 1 minute from my work.
Those Lisa's dips look so tasty, yum!!!
Have a great weekend.

PaisleyJade said...

Love your list - those socks are so cute! So glad you have found a great option for more family time. We are working on ideas here at the moment too!


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