16 March 2012

Things I'm Loving 16.3.12

A bloggy date
Loving that I got to hang out with Miriam from Make It Give It last night. She's in town for a few days visiting family and asked if I'd like to go to Unveiled (the wedding dress exhibition at Te Papa). The exhibition was cool, although I only took one photo as we then noticed the 'no photos' sign and thought better of it. This was the one pic I did snap of Gwen Stefani's wedding dress - it really took my fancy.

As any good bloggy meet up should be, there was no shortage of nattering for hours, and I just LOVE how awesome it is when meeting people in real life is just so natural and you feel as if you have been friends for years.

Thanks so much for the date Miriam, and an excuse to go eat Kaffee Eis gelato afterwards - not that a gal should need one really!

Tandem Haircuts
For the first time, both boys sat down at the hairdressers side by side for their 3-monthly chop. Mylo even sat happily on the chair by himself for the first time (usually he's sat on my knee and I've gotten covered in hair!). Love that the first thing the hairdresser says is 'pick a DVD boys and pop it on' and silence is golden after that!

And  I do love how smart they always look afterwards!

Henderson Kids
Thanks Widge for sharing this video on FB the other day. I totally LOVED this show. Especially this song.

Did anyone else love it as much as me?! Hearing this song brought back so many memories of childhood. Carry On Together indeed!

Fantastic Forts
A small amount of effort =  maximum fun on a wet Sunday!

Homework at the Park
Well why the heck not?!

This time of year
The sky in the mornings at this time of the year is so magical. I snapped these walking to work one morning. There is something almost Calvary like about them I think!

Melbourne awaits!
And as the song from Annie goes: Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away!


There will be a few pre-scheduled blogs popping up next week, but otherwise I'm looking forward to a rare bloggy break.  But I imagine I'll have a fair amount to say and share (could it be otherwise?!) after our week's holiday and the wedding of the year for our family!

Until then peeps, this is me signing off. Over and out.



jacksta said...

what a great idea having DVDs playing while kids get a hair cut!

Miriam said...

Yay melbourne!!!! have fun

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Have a wonderful break away Meg xxx

CHD said...

Have a great time in Melborune. We spent several fantastic years there. Love the fort too. Always a hit with my kids too. Cx

Miriam said...

So nice to meet you properly. I'm going to put some piccies on my blog next week too! :o) Have an AWESOME holiday.

Catching the Magic said...

How lovely to meet another blogging friend and that exhibit is so wonderful.

Have a super duper time in Melbourne and can't wait to enjoy all the posts you'll have stored up for your return. You must be flying out on the plane Dan is returning on, as he gets in at 2.45pm!

Have fun x

PaisleyJade said...

Have fun in Melbourne!!!! Love your list - especially the haircut dvds!!

Gail said...

Have the BEST holiday!
What a cool exhibition to go to - I love that dress!

Sammy said...

Love bloggy catch ups! And Miriam sounds like the nicest person ever!
ENJOY Melbourne you lucky girl! Can't wait to see the pics xxx

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time in Melbourne and at your brother's wedding! I'll look forward to the photos of all the glorious shopping you'll no doubt do :)
And that's super-cool you and Miriam got to hang out xx


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