01 June 2012

Things I'm Loving 1.6.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is. 

Superheroes to make you smile
These two have a serious ability to make me smile. Spiderman and Mr Incredible at your service!

Snowflake punch
Can it be Christmas already please? Cos I'm seeing so many uses for this little puppy already!

La Photo Cabine
Loving this cute online photobooth site called La Photo Cabine. You can also get the app for the iPhone. Silly faces are of course obligatory you realise!

Womens Day Recipe Favourites
Loving the 24 page pull out from the Womens Day a couple of weeks ago. Just so we're clear, I don't ever buy the Womens Day but HUBBY (no joke) texted me and asked me to pick up a copy. He'd seen someone at his work with the mag and loved the look of the yummy goodies in the pull-out recipe section...

So far we've made the lemon meringue pie (it looked as good as it tasted!), the apricot & chocolate slice, and the chocolate oat slice, and more yummy goodness is still calling.......calling......

Darth Vader takes on the Nutrigrain box
Star Wars is so firmly entrenched in this house that we can even manage to find a way to make him by gluing him onto the back of an empty Nutrigrain box. Can't quite remember where we got the link from on the Internet, but he was worth a good half an hour's fun one afternoon last week.

I WILL be warm this winter
Loving that after struggling along wrapping myself in layer upon layer (usually about 5!) most winters, that I finally have the luxury of a lovely, warm jacket after grabbing a deal at the Macpac sale.

It really is like walking around in a sleeping bag. And OK so despite the fact I am bathed in sun in this pic probably makes it look like I was WAY overdressed for the occasion it was actually very late autumn sun and it was darn chilly in the shade...oh well it would have been darn chilly but I was super roasty toasty.

Oh and did I mention that Mark has the exact same jacket (which was actually my inspiration as he's raved about his) although I'm not sure he's best pleased about us going out dressed as twinnies this winter!

Off to the Naki
It's a long weekend here in NZ (Queens Birthday), so thanks to our allegiance to the Queen we get Monday off. Wahoo. And so we're off on a 5 hour road trip up the way to see GeeGee (my gran and the boy's great grandma) and have some fun in the Naki. Can't wait.

So last but not least I had to share this beautiful pic I love that Sarah Lee from Catching The Magic posted on Facebook this week. I like to think of Mount Egmont as my mountain, having conquered her and all. I sure hope I get to see her this weekend.

Hope you've all got something wonderful planned for your weekend, whether it's a long one or not!

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Catching the Magic said...

Have a wonderful Queen's Birthday Weekend with your gorgeous family, all snug as a bug in your lush new winter jacket :)

Love your 'loves' - and that Mark asked you to get 'Women's Day' for that recipe pull-out - the results looks and sound AMAZING!

Happy weekend!

Sarah & family x

Anonymous said...

Have fun in the Naki! Oh how I miss it. And your little superheros are just too cute! xo

Miriam said...

ha I loved that ha asked you to buy it - I guess he would have felt totally shamed out buying it! Have a great time on your holiday x

Simoney said...

Say hi to the Naki for me! I lived/went to school there in my teens (after Tokoroa, hehe)

Love those little superheroes and your toasty roasty jacket! Will come in very handy up that mountain!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Gorgeous superheroes (who ARE those masked boys??!), delicious looking pie, and awesome jacket - looks so toasty toasty!

Have a great long weekend in the 'Naki xx

huana said...

I'm joining Things I'm loving for the first time and I love it!
Me and my hubby have similar jackets too,his is black,and mine is silver,and he also don't like us together in those jackets at the same time :-) So I have another one, different,when I go out with him :-)
Enjoy your long weekend and warm greetings from Zagreb,Croatia!


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