22 June 2012

Things I'm Loving 22.6.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Wild Wellington at its best
There are days when the biting wind we get does my head in living here, but this day was not one of them. Instead, we parked up at Lyall Bay on our way home from a Friday afternoon supermarket expedition and simply marvelled in awe of the majesty and power in these white beasts.

These were some of the biggest swells I've ever seen on the south coast.

Exhilarating to see one brave soul getting out amongst it kite surfing.

Brave or completely crazy I couldn't quite decide.

I wouldn't have wanted to be on the ferry that goes between our island (the North island) and the South Island in these seas. Imagine being rolled up and down in that!

But loving watching from the safety of dry land, and loving how much the boys enjoyed seeing nature at its fearsome best.

Grizzly Beer
I think this is going to become my new beer of choice. I love a good Radler in the summer with a BBQ, but this is oh so easy to drink, you might as well be drinking non-alcoholic ginger beer. Which on second thoughts could be a little dangerous if you got a bit carried away.

Anyway, it is a delicious drop, and oh.....note the dishy accessory lurking in the background of one of these shots. I wonder who he belongs to?!

Crisp moonlit mornings
One of the only things I love about starting work at 7.15am each morning is that I sometimes get treated to still, crisp moonlight mornings with deep azure blue skies. I enjoy walking through town when there is hardly a soul about, and the lights already on in the business buildings exude a very warm welcome from the cold outdoors.

Monkey boys
Loving boys just being boys.

The untimely watch
Loving my new watch that finally turned up. This was meant to be a birthday present and was ordered back in early April, sent from a site Mark had used before in the Netherlands. Of course it's a Swatch, you wouldn't expect anything else knowing the love affair my husband has with Swatches - although I did get to select the design from a shortlist of 5 he put together! And so after ordering, we duly waited and waited for it to turn up. And then waited some more.

After a good few weeks had passed, we then followed up with the store who had to put a trace on it. And proceeded to wait some more. Then when they had finished investigations at their end and could find no sign of it, they finally said they would refund us the money or send a new watch.

Hubby had literally the same week said yes to getting a new watch sent when lo and behold a 'Card to Call - 2nd notice' turned up from NZ Post in our mailbox. Well, we clearly never got the 1st notice or we wouldn't have gone through the rigmarole of chasing the watch down to the other side of the world now would we!

In any event, I am one happy bunny. I've always worn a watch and have felt quite bereft without one these past three months or so. Despite the fact this watch has had pretty poor timekeeping skills up until now, I think I'll forgive it and keep it. It's pretty cute don't ya think?

Promoting Pea Pods
Loving doing something a little different last weekend and helping my oldest friend Andrea on the Pea Pods stand at the All About Kids expo. I helped out in August last year when the show was run for the first time, but this year the show was much better run (at a new venue) and the sales were way better as a result. I could be biased but I think our stand was one of the best looking on the day! Lovely hanging out with Andrea for the day and meeting her sweet little 4-month old Mia for the first time. When I stopped for a moment this weekend and it dawned on me that we've been friends for nearly 25 years, it was such a lovely feeling to know friendships can last that long, albeit it did make me feel somewhat ancient at the same time!

Mid Winter Christmas
Loving that it's officially half way to Christmas this weekend. Loving that we have created a family tradition of celebrating a mid-winter Christmas these past three years, you can see our previous mid-winter Christmases here and here. For one, it helps wards off any SAD (seasonal affective disorder) winter feelings as we head into the coldest month of the year. Two, it helps hubby feel as if he gets a traditional Christmas celebration with the weather all chilly outside (being more used to this, having growing up in England). And three, it's a grand excuse to pull out the Christmas tree, make some Christmas crafts, indulge in a delicious roast with all the trimmings, and sing our favourite Christmas carols. And who says Christmas can only be once a year? If it were up to me, I'd celebrate the birth of our awesome Saviour every day of the year!

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Miriam said...

love the mid-winter Christmas thing I must do that next year. and the swell in Wgtn looks amazing!

Simoney said...

Love those Midwinter Christmas pics!! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Midwinter Christmas sounds like a fantastic idea! Love the pics of your monkeys on the monkey bars ;)

Anonymous said...

Love everything about this post, even the crazy kite surfer person!!! mid-winter Christmas sounds awesome :)

Hootnz said...

Awesome pictures of the roaring surf, it can be so memorising.

PaisleyJade said...

I feel chilly checking out those windy pics!

Bron said...

Now that's what I call celebrating Christmas in July.....great way to get much more use out of all the Christmas decorations and tree. Happy Mid Year Christmas. x

Unknown said...

I always think it must be hard for you guys not having Christmas to cheer you up in the middle of your winter, so LOVE your mid-winter idea. Especially for you husband too.


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