07 August 2012

Bowled away

We're all 'bowled out' over here. One bowling party done and dusted.

The great thing was it was a super easy party to organise this year - just what the doctor ordered given the craziness around here these past few weeks.

We met up with Noah's 3 friends at the bowling alley at 1pm for 2 games of bowling. The kids (apart from Mylo who would have carried on all day given half the chance) lost a little bit of interest in the second game and we had to keep them on task, although you wouldn't have known it as their scores were actually better second time around.

Note the just-turned 6 year old who also lost his top tooth (that's number 5!) this morning.

Then it was home for pass-the-parcel to some rousing tunes, our favourite tune of the moment Feel the Love by Rudimental.

Then we moved onto a treasure hunt "bowling-style". I'd hidden our mini bowling set around the house and made up some clues that were easy enough for the kids to read and figure out themselves, like:

'Draw these together when it gets dark and cold' = curtain
'Where you would go to get clean' = shower
'You can sit here in the summer' = outdoor furniture
'I'm a Star Wars bounty hunter' = Bobba Fett helmet
'When I'm hot, food isn't far away' = toy oven
'Where you hang clothes up to get dry' = clothesline

Once they had the six pins they collected at each stage, they had to look at the words I'd put underneath the pin and had to figure out what order to put them in to make the last phrase 'I am down in the dark' = garage.

In the garage, I'd hidden 4 mini bowling sets for them to hunt for.

I also really enjoyed making the cake this year, and I'll readily admit it was almost too easy compared to more complex ones we've embarked on in other years. One cake mixture, one loaf tin. One buttercream icing mixed with a bit of cocoa, one strip of licorice, a few Jaffas, and some cool mini bowling pins I found in a desktop bowling set at a gift shop. And voila! you have a ten-pin bowling alley cake.

An all-round no-fuss, easy afternoon of fun enjoyed by all!


jacksta said...

has it been a WHOLE year since the star wars party!? Can't be!

Love the theme this year. Looks like a low key one that we could all do.

Julie said...

Awesome cake Meghan!

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

I LOVE the cake! A simple but very effective idea! Hmmmm now if only there were some cake at my house right now, seeing your picks has made me a feel like cake :-)

P.s. Happy Birthday Noah!

Catching the Magic said...

Wow, what a fabulous party and especially with all that you've been through lately Meghan. The photographs speak volumes - so much fun! Well done hun x


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