10 August 2012

Things I'm Loving 10.8.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Still trucking...
It's only fair that first up I say a big thank you for all your support again this week. The gastroscopy went well (and sedation is a wonderful thing, I remember nothing!) The only thing the specialist found was signs of reflux, which lets face it, I already knew! So a relief on one hand that nothing untoward was found (like an ulcer) but a little frustrating that I'm still lacking answers about the cause of the reflux and the mysterious side pain which the doctor thought was unrelated but I'm not sure I agree since the two seem to go hand in hand. Anyhow, I have some stronger tablets for the reflux so will just see how that goes for a bit.

Silver lining
I did do something I never do after I got home from the procedure though. That is, sat on the couch without even turning the computer on and watched 3 movies back-to-back all on my own curled up under a duvet while the rain pelted down outside. And the verdict - Iron Lady - I can see why she got that nickname, Black Swan - very messed up, Vicky Christina Barcelona - offbeat but entertaining.

Now onto the proper fun stuff for the week......

Mates with meals
Loving friends who step up and are there for you in your moment of need. Noah's best friend's mum quickly offered to have Noah for the afternoon of my gastroscopy, and even sent him home with a meal for us. How blessed were we - and it tasted amazing!

Captain America
Loving this cool dress up that Grandma and Grandad sent as part of Noah's birthday present. Loving how Noah couldn't believe the size of his muscles. And of course the little guy looked funny as anything when he HAD to have his turn too.

Homemade Forts and Fingerlights
Loving homegrown fun with a few chairs and sheets to create an awesome cave complete with our own laser light show. Then we dragged in a mattress and turned our portable DVD player on for some mid-winter cosy relaxation time late in the afternoon.

Getting into the spirit
Loving that daycare have gotten into the spirit of the Olympic games. Just in time as Mylo officially made the transition from the toddler side to preschooler side last Monday just in time for the opening ceremony. Some of the events they participated in were hurdles, backwards running, egg and spoon, book balancing, hopping, skipping. Mylo was in the yellow team (Kowhai) and he's loved being part of it all. Check out the team nail polish!

And the cool certificate of participation!

Team GB
Don't get me wrong. I am NZ all.the.way. Ask hubby, he'll tell ya there's no love lost when our two countries are pitted against each other. But in these Olympics, I am more than happy to adopt hubby's team as my 2nd favourite team to follow. As well as Fab Friday where NZ scored 2 golds in under an hour, I was cheering my heart out on Sunday morning when Team GB got 3 golds in less than an hour at the athletics. Hubby was out for an early morning bike ride and missed the lot - ha ha that'll teach him!

What a machine Miss Jessica Ennis is, sheesh!

I am enjoying these Olympics SO much, I think more so because at the last Olympics four years ago, I was head down bum up studying for my Chartered Accountancy and spent the majority of the time relegated to study at the dining table only allowing myself to dash to the living room from time to time to see the special moments.

I'll be sad when it's all over. I've also loved seeing some of the most familiar landmarks around London popping up on the coverage, it brings back such happy memories of the 3 years I lived there. Do you have any other teams you are following other than the Kiwis?? And what are your favourite sports to watch?

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Miriam said...

People who send your kid home with a meal for you are the best people in life! Love the fort too - so cute xx

Leonie said...

Gorgeous stuff! We too are absolutely Loving the Olympics and the kids are mesmerised!

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Glad it all went okay on Weds; what a lovely gesture from your friend (looks delicious!).
Great fort, and what a cute little Olympian you have there!
Have a relaxing weekend xx

jacksta said...

We are enjoying the olympics way more this year too...probably because we have sky sport on until they finish.

yay for friends thoughtful enough to send home a meal.

And yay for watching movies all by your self. Good for you!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Catching the Magic said...

Glad the gastronomy went well - but sorry you have no more answers and just hope and pray the reflux isn't ongoing and subsides soon - along with the pain you've been feeling :( It sounds like you've been given some good TLC and that meal looks scrum. Your boys are growing so much - I barely recognized Mylo holding that certificate! How lovely for him (and digging that nail varnish too!).

Hope you recover fully soon and have a great weekend with your family,

Big hugs and love, Sarah x

Bron said...

Glad things went well...hope all the symptoms settle down for you.
We will be sad when the Olympics will be over ...not looking forward to being bombarded by "Big Brother " starting here on Monday.
Have a lovely weekend.


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