02 August 2012

This is your life kiddo {NRG turns 6}

And here are just a few random, but lovely memories we've captured along the way:

You can watch the cool as slideshow I put together here showcased with some of Noah's favourite club tunes (do it do it!):

This is YOUR life kiddo from mnms on Vimeo.

Or here a few of the pics on their own:

Wow that water flies!
Beneath the blades of Makara Wind Farm
Strategy...playing Star Wars Battle of Hoth
Amazed by the big city sights in Melbourne
Standing in the middle of the upside-down fountain
Found me a Star Wars buddy!
Waiting for a real deal Chinese meal in Melbourne
Made my day - a photo with Aunty Kim's punch buggy!
Easter bunny goodness
Don't grow up too fast Mister
Pebble pit fun at Te Papa
Get your shirts off...it's summertime!
Spiderman gets a milkshake at Maranui Cafe
I think e=mc2
I wanna be just like my Uncle Nic
Mowing Poppa's lawns
Conquering the rope swing Auckland Zoo
Chasing down the waves at Fitzroy Beach New Plymouth
Swimming lessons
It actually snowed at our house...a once in a 25 year phenomenon
Guy Fawkes
Little elves
Our beautiful boy

Happy 6th birthday kiddo!


jacksta said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!
He is very gorgeous Meghan. You should be one proud mama.

Simoney said...

Happy birthday Noah!
Awesome pics

Miriam said...

He is totally gorgeous Meghan. x


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