02 September 2012


What a cracker of an afternoon.

Warm and sunny, no sign of the last week of winter anywhere here.

Boys with wheels, will travel.

A little guy loving his new helmet. Now he can really get some speed up.

Always the faces, Mylo. Always the faces. Your expressions are hilarious.

A bike's as good a seat as any right?

Notice who is keen as a lean bean and is way out in front.  For the whole ride.

Kaffee Eis treats after some speedy riding. Cinnamon gelato for one and coconut gelato for the other. Wow, what a taste explosion.

Oi, what have you got in yours?

Let's share.

Like my style, Mum? Like my style?

Let's go down to the beach.

Marvel at the crystal waters.

Add in a bit of sand doodling.

Serenaded by the beautiful fountain.

Hmm, not sure this stick is big enough for the job...

But this one might be...!

Gull mates sunning themselves..

Meanwhile I'm just drinking it all in baby, drinking it all in

We have enough time for a quick stop at the park, and we're racing.......

Now let's try tummies....

Hey Mum, can you make a tunnel for us to go through?

And in the dying light of the day, I consciously stop and thank the Creator for this very moment.

Not a care for tomorrow, nor a regret about yesterday.

Embracing an attitude of thankfulness for this unique moment of time, an opportunity taken, where we fully seized the day.


remaliah said...

Absolutely beautiful - what a stunning day! You're a wonderful mum. You're creating such great moments and memories for them. May our kids all grow up learning the value of enjoying the 'now' moments of life!

jacksta said...

what a lovely day.

dearfutureme... said...

These are amazing shots - what a great day!


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