05 September 2012

Hey Sweet Pea {a delightful High Tea}

What's lovelier than meeting up with girlfriends for a high tea on a Saturday afternoon?

Not much, I'm sure!

I stared a little longer than usual into the wardrobe wondering what attire befitted such a special occasion?

Eventually coming up with a string of pearls and a floaty, dotty dress.

The first thing that struck me as I entered the restaurant was the beautifully delicate tea sets all laid out from which we could sip an amazing array of tea from.

In tasteful surroundings. Those light shades are old style preserving jars.

I loved how our lovely Marie looked so beautifully part of the day matching the teacups as she did.

Our tea pots arrived, with grand names such as White Peach, Dragon Pearl, Citron Green and Wedding Tea, each in their own delightful tea cosy.

Then the food. Oh my.

Have you ever seen anything so dainty and delectable in all your life?! I even had my very own gluten-free cupcake stand full of goodies which I was blown away by. No expense spared!

I had to laugh when I saw this message in the toilet.

I am a habitual photo taker in toilets. I just love how they can be so wonderfully decorated in keeping with the theme of the place. And this one did not disappoint either.

It was like wandering back into yesteryear being here.

From the old milk drum sitting in one corner....

to the solitary vase of sweet peas in another.

And then there was a choice of a cupcake from the cabinet to take home...

How on earth does one ever choose from a such a bounty?!

I must admit I spent a long time gazing at the cabinet. Longer than was normal I expect!

In the end settling on a Jersey Caramel cupcake with caramel in the centre to take home for darling hubby.

And like the sign says...

it was a very happy afternoon.


dearfutureme... said...

Looks like a super awesome place! What cool fun!

jacksta said...

oh dear far too many yummy treats there.
Have a "sweet pea" in the toilet. Nice touch!

Widge said...

wow looks amazing! love the toilet humour ;)

Leonie said...

Oh i want one up here! it looks delectable!

Catching the Magic said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place and scrumptious delights. The toilet sign made me giggle too. Thanks for the tour and I shall have to go sample for real with some girl friends!

Cat said...

oh oh oh
so special!!!!!!

love and light

Bron said...

What an awesome place. x


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