09 September 2012

MNM's Make: Water Beads & other Sensational Stuff

Recently a package arrived in the post from dear, sweet Nikki in England. And I think there was probably more fun contained in this one package than I have ever seen in my life! So over the next couple of Creativity posts, I thought I'd share with you some of the fun we had with all her treasures.

Water beads
These are quite possibly the coolest invention ever, Nikki and I had talked about them on Skype a while back and she remembered to send us some! Imagine the tiniest bead turning into a marble sized squishy water bead over a few hours. Then times that one bead by several hundred. Imagine plunging your hand into a whole bowl of these, it is an utter sensation explosion and very massaging and therapeutic.


Soaking in the water 

Starting to grow 

 And grow

Full-size beads 

They feel so delightfully cool and squishy....

We've also had fun pouring these in the bath, and sitting with the beads swirling around us in a crazy, dotty coloured bath. It's especially fun to try and find the clear ones which are totally invisible once they are in the water.

I can imagine these would also be fun if you put them in a sensory tub poured them through cups and funnels, or plastic animals in with them.

You can actually buy these on Trade Me for as little as $1 a packet, just search for 'water beads'. They are ACE, and I am SO getting more!

Space projector torch
This was probably the biggest hit of all with the boys. For a couple of days, until Mylo left the torch on and the battery went flat.....gah! Remember the good old days of the Viewfinder....well this is the 21st century version for sure!
Eureka Toys Space Torch

It comes with 3 reels, one is based on NASA and the men landing on the moon. One is planets, and the other stars. I love how big the projection is when you put it on the ceiling. The man on the moon never looked so good!

Bath crayons
Who doesn't love bath crayons?  Even better when you can use them to say how much you love the gal who sent such cool stuff.

DIY drinking straws
These are also pretty darn cool. Especially when you figure out how to put your fingers over various holes and send water shooting out at people when they're least expecting it.

Name Bunting
Their name in bright lights. These cool name buntings are made of plastic stencils and look so cool hanging in their windows...don't you think?!

and....last but not least......

And sorry for leaving you hanging there...but I've run out of time....so you'll just have to tune in next time for all our snowy goodness!


Katie said...

Those water beads look great - will have to try and get some! What a fun parcel to receive :-)

Leonie said...

Wow fun!!! I am definitely getting some of those beads!

Nikki said...

I'm glad you loved it all! Special gifts for special people! Xx

Catching the Magic said...

Awww, Nikki is awesome! Wonderful delights!

dearfutureme... said...

I need to know where Nikki shops so I can send a parcel like this to my nephews and nieces! So awesome!

dearfutureme... said...

I need to know where Nikki shops so I can send a parcel like this to my nephews and nieces! So awesome!


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