14 September 2012

Things I'm Loving 14.9.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

After the storm
Loving that just a few hours after the biggest storm we've seen in a long while, Welly was able to dish me up this stunning city scenery on an unscheduled midday Sunday walk.

The LEGO Story
This is a brilliant animation of how LEGO came about. You'll need to boil the kettle and sit down with a cuppa to enjoy it uninterrupted though as it is 17 minutes long.

I just loved how the company stayed true to their values, and have kept LEGO as a family business. How they didn't give up when times were tough, and when they got knocked down, they just got right back up again, even if it meant rebuilding from scratch. A lovely story of how one man's legacy is now loved by millions throughout the world.

Divided Loyalties
When you have a daddy who is passionate about supporting his homeland, it's probably a bit inevitable that you'll grow up supporting two countries...and they're definitely loving their Team GB Olympic gears!

 GF goodness
Loving that Dominos do gluten-free pizzas so I can still be an active participant in family takeaway nights!

Flowers...just cos....
Does there have to be a reason? Last week I got a sunflower from hubby...just cos...and I'm loving it.

He's got talent
This is such a heartwarming story, 34 year-old Christopher Maloney (no relation!) who overcame his extreme nervousness, five years of applying and then ripping up his application because he couldn't go through with it, as well as other people telling him he was wasting his time to audition for X-Factor UK. If you can watch it all the way through without a tear in your eye and a smile on your face, you'll be doing better than me!

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Miriam said...

Love the photos you take - our boys have the same t-shirts as Noah's one. and you always find such great wee vids. Happy weekend to you

Widge said...

massive blub over here for the x factor audition! hahaha oh dear...sniff

Catching the Magic said...

Oh my, that video of that guy over coming his nerves and singing like that! What a heaven sent voice! Absolutely incredible and so, so moving. I hadn't seen that before and have just watched with Sophie and Alice - so powerful!

Beautiful sunflower, just because (always the best!) and yeah for gluten free pizza xx

Loving your boys T-shirts too :)

Have a great weekend x

Nikki said...

That video got me! Had tears and goose bumps the whole way through!

The boys are so cute! Love that you got to have a special pizza! And the sunflower is gorge! x

Penny said...

some mornings are definitely better when you start them with tears streaming down your cheeks...now off to reapply make up :)

Bron said...

I was loving the lego this week too...i love that we can expose each other to great watching we wouldn't otherwise find.
Handy to know about the pizzas too ...for family members we have.
Have a great weekend.

Bron said...

Oh yeah i forgot to say ...I did smile and cry indeed. thanks for sharing it . x

Unknown said...

Love your loves this week. Our boys have been building up quite a collection of Team GB stuff, they were hooked on the games (we have one of those t shirts and those sweat bands too)

And funnily enough, my boys just discovered that Lego animation a couple of weeks ago!

CHD said...

Lego is a hit in this house too. We also share divided loyalties here- half born in NZ and the other half in Australia. Each half staunchly loyal to their country of birth. Makes life fun and interesting at times. Cx

PaisleyJade said...

Just loved watching the Lego story!!

Stacia said...

I love your photos and that beautiful sunflower, hope your party prep is going well!

Travel With Lulu said...

So many wonderful things here. Loving the church photo, family pizza night, Team GB, and the sweet sunflower. Have a wonderful weekend!

Barbs said...

Boy that Xfactor audition was something out of this world.


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