12 September 2012

WW: One Sock and One Calippo


"Mum...it's too cold........"

Enter Mum's sock to the rescue, stage right?

And is it just in our family or is it impossible for all 6-year old boys 
not to go through the knees of EVERY single pair of trousers they own

A happier face licks while Noah waves at a school friend across the road
Oh yeah, I woz here too that day...sometimes I totally forget to get in on the pictures
Love having an iPhone camera that can switch to the front 
so you can actually see what you're taking a picture of!
This sly look says..."don't even think about trying to get a lick in Mum...it's all mine!"

Just another fun mid-week avo hanging out in the Village with my 2 treasures.

1 comment :

Sammy said...

Love the glimpse into your life!!! xxx


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