06 February 2013

Review: LEGO City Fire Truck: Be the Hero who Saves the World

Being asked to do a LEGO review doesn't come much better than this, when for one son, the joy of building anything with LEGO is pretty strong right now, and for the other 'all-things-fire' mad son, playing 'fire man' is something that happens on an almost daily basis around here.

LEGO City Fire Truck firefighter

LEGO City Fire Truck fighting fires

LEGO City Fire Truck fireman up the ladder

LEGO City Fire Truck fighting fires up the extendable ladder

LEGO City Fire Truck from the back

Give a boy a challenge and he'll go for it. Noah really engaged with building this fire truck set, and it has a level of intricate detail that makes the difference when it comes to engaging in real-life playtime. The fully extendable and rotatable ladder for one, and the mod cons which the firemen are armed with - like a full breathing apparatus and the jaws of life for another.

Building the LEGO City Fire Truck

You'll have to excuse the black eye and yellow bruises in these pics though - earlier in the week Noah had a run-in with the very same coffee table that he built the LEGO on, as he tripped over coming in from outside and gave the coffee table a good old bash with his forehead!

This LEGO Fire Truck set is part of the 2013 LEGO City series.

Put out the biggest blazes with the amazing LEGO® City Fire Truck!

Get to your action stations! There's a fire in LEGO® City and the firefighters need to rush to the scene in their amazing Fire Truck! Connect the hose, extend the ladder and suit up in firefighting gear. Then it's time to grab an axe, climb the ladder and extinguish that fire! Includes 2 firefighter minifigures with assorted accessories.

Age: 5-12 years.
RRP: $ 39.99


Disclaimer: we received a LEGO City Fire Truck set in exchange for this review. All content and opinions (other than the product description) expressed within the post are my own.


A little bit country said...

I love lego and spent many many happy hours playing with it as a child. I can't wait to introduce it too my boys - once the youngest stops putting everything in his mouth ;-)

Miriam said...

Nice we love all Lego here too

Sarah Gauntlett said...

awesome awesome awesome! ;-)

Simoney said...

FAB Photos... LOVE this set aye??

Catching the Magic said...

Always love your photos of the LEGO reviews and this looks a superb set.


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