15 March 2013

Things I'm Loving 15.3.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

There and back again - the book version
So after our wee adventures up north in January, I thought it'd make a nice momento for us to have a photo book of our time. It's all to easy to blog about the trip and then forget about it, so this time I was determined to have something special to remind us of the amazing time we had. It took a good week and a few late nights to do but here's a sneak peek of the finished product. I used My Books to put it together and one of the things I like about it is you can download the software and then you don't have to be connected to the Internet while you're putting it all together - and getting it at 50% off - even better!

Peace and quiet
Loving the early mornings when I arrive at work and I'm first one to turn on the lights and no-one else arrives for at least half an hour. It makes that first little bit of time super productive when I'm surrounded by the solitude of early morning shadows.

Hubby got me these Havianas over a year ago for Christmas. And I must say I wasn't convinced about them for a really long time. I think because my old  jandals just felt way more comfy and worn in. But lately I've been giving them another try - and surprisingly they really have grown on me. And they are such a cool design I'll admit. Hubby is also pretty pleased to see his prezzie finally being put to good use.

And yes if you spotted the sizing, I have very small feet for my height! Did you know that you can tell if your feet are in proportion to your body by trying to fit your foot in the space between your elbow and wrist - it should roughly match - but you can see that mine is a lot shorter. So here's a Friday challenge for you, a) are your feet in proportion and b) are you flexible enough to muster up the contortion involved to figure it out!!!

The Following
Is anyone else watching this gripping new series? It's on late on Monday nights (9.30am on TV 1) but we record it and watch it later in the week. It's pretty raw and intense. Without giving too much away, here's the plot. The story follows a former FBI agent who finds himself in the middle of a network of serial killers, when a diabolical serial killer uses his charisma and the Internet to create the network. James Purefoy plays Joe Carroll, a former college professor who taught the works of Edgar Allan Poe and killed young women in the gothic hero's honour—until he got caught. Since then he's been spending hours on a computer in the prison library, building a social network of copycat killers who hang on his every command. When the series begins, he's just escaped from death row with help from those followers, and the FBI calls in former agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon)—who brought down Joe the first time—to consult on the case


We are hooked!

Young love
If you've got a spare few minutes to sit down and watch this with a hot cuppa, it's worth it. How much effort did this guy go to make his proposal the best ever. Wow.

What the fairies left
Loving what the English fairies left us. We are feeling a little bereft as Mark's mum and dad left yesterday after what has been a really amazing couple of months. We have done and seen so much in this time, and the fact that they were here for what has been the best summer ever...priceless! It has been such a joy to see them enjoying their grandchildren so much, getting to know them each and spending more quality one-on-one time than we would have ever expected. They left us a little treat each on the table when they left.....

....and despite the sadness of yesterday's farewell, it feels really more like 'we'll see you soon', as in just six month's time we will be winging our way to English shores for a month. So we are loving the amazing memories we have to carry us through until then and loving the anticipation of the fantastic family adventure ahead!

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A little bit country said...

Love the photo book such a great idea. I love my Havi's too! A month in England, you lucky duck. I can't wait to go back. WIll be joining up later on today for the link up! Happy Friday xo

Talia Christine said...
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Talia Christine said...
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Nikki said...

Ha, the foot measuring thing is great! My foot is bigger than my forearm , ahem, but you should try measuring your arm span, middle finger tip to the other. That's meant to be your height with the average person! Mine is waayy off! Mustn't have been a monkey in my previous life! Love all your lovings!!

Unknown said...

photo book looks fab!
I love the following, I watch online so am a few eps ahead of you.. its worth sticking with!!

Sammy said...

Yup my foot fits! Haha! Thanks for that bit of amusement, love the list!!

Miriam said...

I always thought it was always the same - hey ho I never did care much for science and facts!! :-)
Trip to the UK 'citing!!!!!


Catching the Magic said...

Beautiful photo book! I need to make one for my folks of their visit here over the summer.

And yes, my feet are in proportion to my wrist/elbow. You never fail to surprise me with something unique on your Friday posts!

Have a good weekend and how wonderful to have the UK trip to look forward to in only six months! I can't believe how fast this year is travelling already!

Sarah x

Sima J said...

wow so many cool things to be thankful for! I LOVE LOVE LOVE photobooks .. I have been intending to do one a year for the year past, but alas it hasn't happened yet! Also, my feet are in proportion .. which means I am short ha ;-)

Bron said...

That is such a sweet clip...I just had to share.....love that Easter has visited early to your place...I am sure the time will fly before you see your in-laws again. xxx

Leonie said...

Lovely collection! Love the clip, and watching the following (def intense!) and yes I'm in proportion! Exciting about the trip!!


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