16 April 2013

Autumn leaves and wire fences

Favourite images from the weekend...

Addington Coffee Co-op
Breakfast with new (old) friends. Despite following these girls' blogs for over 3 years, this weekend was the first time I had met them both. Just as I had imagined, only lovelier somehow.

Colombo Mall
Where they make the most delicious macarons in the world. True fact.

ReStart Mall
A tour of the city hosted by a new friend, the lovely Tania from Tall Pipi.

Finding colour amongst the grey rubble was hope-filling.

The Avon
The river still flows, the heart beat of a city that has dusted itself off and is picking itself back up again.

This was my favourite spot in the city with autumn colour that simply slayed me. Wellington has nothing on this.

The Cathedral
The bruised and battered symbol of the city. But one day her glory will shine again.

So tempting just to snuggle down in these leaves and throw great fistfuls in the air and watch them slowly floating back down.

The memorial to the 185
I visited twice during the weekend. And it was no less emotional the second time.

And the bridge of remembrance...itself broken, but a memorial still.

Letting our hair down at Winnie Bagoes with my lovely workshop co-host Talia Christine. Such a beautiful, talented lady.

I so enjoyed spending time this weekend with two other lovelies I'd been dying to meet, Ange from Tall Short and Tiny, and Melissa from The Best Nest.

Surprising sights amongst the ruins - spot the Mini on the side of the building.

Still working 7 days a week to clear the rubble over 2 years on.

A treacherous trek up an amazing spiral staircase to enjoy views over the city.

Our breakfast location - a cafe rebuilt from the rubble.

While just across the road ruins still lay empty.

Turning autumn autumn leaves a stark contrast to the muted grey buildings standing silent and naked still.

And then there were the farewells....which all happily felt like 'see you later' and not 'goodbye'.

I leave both with sadness and gladness to have been here. 

Filled to overflowing by the company of amazing women and by the knowledge that I have been able to stand here in awe of this courageous city. 

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Miriam said...

I love this post Meghan.... it made me cry. I love that you can see so much beauty (as I can) in the midst of what is also a lot of ugly. xxxx

Lyns said...

Meghan, I have been home to Christchurch so many times since the quakes (we moved just before the first September one) but have never ventured into the CBD. Your photos are very moving. Beautiful photos, but heartbreaking too.

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Beautiful xx

tartankiwi said...

Yup, Miriam wasn't the only one in tears reading this! Thank you for coming, for sharing our vision and for embracing the weekend with both arms... It was great wasn't it!?!

Widge said...

You're incredible. Gorgeous shots.

jacksta said...

beautiful Meghan

Michelle said...

Wow....I don't quite know what to say to be honest. I can't even begin to imagine how affected people must have been/and still are by this disaster. On a happy note, it looks like you have a great weekend - full to the brim with friendship and laughter.

Tall Pipi said...

Love, love, love! Gorgeous photos Meghan!

Emma - Freedom Creative said...

Hi Meghan.
I came along to the dinner but don't think we got a chance to meet - so many people, so little time, hopefully next time we will meet.
Love your photos of the weekend, thanks for sharing.
- Emma

Sophie Slim said...

Beautiful photos with beautiful thoughts - thank you for loving our city like we do :) x

Leonie said...

Gorgeous x

Dee said...

honestly, i'm a bit of a scaredy-cat of going to Christchurch, but this really, REALLY makes me want to visit.


Amy @ onacraftyadventure said...

Love the photos! I try to look for the beauty in the rubble too, and it is so great to see it happenning in Christchurch! Nice meeting you IRL!

PaisleyJade said...

Love your picks and perspective. Xoxo

bee said...

Would love to have been able to meet you at the dinner. I've had a name change- we were milk and honey but I came away from the conference all re- insipred : ) I love your blog, I love this post.. and I can even say that I still love ChCh : ).

Angela said...

I have still never tasted a macaron.

And your hair looks GREAT all wavy like that! I've frozen you in my mind with it straight-straight from a black and white pic of you, y'know? That's how you have to look forever, 'cause I saw it, okay!? And then WHAM, you change it all up like, "Hey, look, I can do wavy...hard." You look great!

Jen | Utterlyinlove.com said...

Loved your post, Meghan! The photos are great too, heart breaking (even after seeing them all so many times) and it's so heart filling to know that you can see past them and see the good :)

I would also like to end this on such a high, because the macaron shop you visited, they also do national shipping ;) http://jaimelesmacarons.co.nz or perhaps it's a bad thing that they ship :P!


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