09 April 2013

Getting over myself

There are many things I am thankful for that I never would have experienced were it not for this blog journey.

Like....learning how to take better photos, learning how to be more creative with my children, learning how to love my real life, learning how to share my faith more easily, and learning how to get over myself.

What do I mean by that?

Most if not all of us suffer from an unhealthy dose of camera shyness, and an unwillingness to parade pictures of ourselves through our blogs. It's easy enough to take pictures of our kids, but whose blog is it really?

I mean really?!

I, like so many of you, am so used to screwing my nose up each time I see a picture of me, but these past few months I have been making a deliberate effort to get in my own pictures more. Having an iPhone where you can turn the camera on yourself easily has helped a lot with this - like in this shot above which I took last week after a very rare session at the hairdressers!

You may not have noticed there's been more of me around this space. But I have. It's actually nice to see pictures of me. Me with hubby, me with the kids, me just being me. I am an important part of this family, so why good does it do our family memories if I am hiding away behind the lens all the time?

It's been a learning curve for me, to force myself to actively post pictures of me on here. I've never wanted to come across as being vain (far from it), and I think, that has been part of the problem. I've often thought that if I post too many pictures, what will people think? But you know what, it is my blog, and I'm not being true to myself if I consciously decide to keep myself hidden away.

Of course I still get to QA the shots - there have to be some perks after all when you're the publisher - so don't expect too  just-got-out-of-bed-with-panda-eyes-and-in-pyjamas shots anytime soon.

Or maybe I will, just to really blow your minds - ha ha! For example, I can't believe I just posted a photo of me in a onesie online...what was I thinking! Notice how I am clinging onto my little guy for dear life....as in don't you dare leave me in this photo by myself!

But whether I am in a polka dot bikini or polka dot onesie, I am, like you, a precious gift from God. Fearfully and wonderfully made. And instead of hiding away this body which he has given me to store my eternal soul, I'm trying really hard to embrace my uniqueness, and let it all hang out (well figuratively speaking of course!).

How about you? How comfortable are you getting in pictures that get posted online? Do you do it enough? Do you do it at all?

So here's my challenge to you over the next wee while - how about making a conscious effort to be more physically present in your blog posts and 'get over' yourself?

You might just be surprised at how good it feels.

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