22 April 2013

How perspectives change....

I've been thinking a lot lately about our perspectives on age and how they change over time.

If you are like me, you might remember growing up how much wiser and cooler older people seemed. This was definitely true for me, especially in my teens. Case in point, at age 14 I was besotted with some of our best cricketers of the day, which is why I had such a crush on Chris Cairns for a few years. Plus he was is pretty dreamy. Let's face it, he still got my heart a flutter last week and he's now 42! Seeing him brought back all the old memories of what it felt like to have a teen crush on a much older guy.

And yet I've now realised that he was only ever  6 years older than me, which at this stage of life is a mere blip of an age gap. For example, I now have great friends who are 10 years younger than me and I don't even batter an eyelid at the difference in our ages.

In fact, most of the time I have a hard job reminding myself that I am now in my mid-thirties. Just last week at the airport when I arrived in Christchurch, someone asked me how old I was and the words 34 popped out of my mouth. What the?! I'd only turned 36 two days before - you'd think I should have been able to remember that! Wishful thinking on the part of my subconscious there I think.

Something else that I have been realising is that despite how young I still feel most days (although ask me at 6.30am on a Saturday morning with 2 boys bouncing on the bed around me and you might get a different response!) that actually - I am not as young as I once was.

This was illustrated by meeting 2 people in the last month who I assumed were at least 5 if not 10 years older than me. These were both very attractive women but from my knowledge of their own personal lives and the ages of their kids I had just assumed that they were a lot older.

So I was kind of gobsmacked when through the course of conversations I found out that they were both only 1 year older than me....eeeek! It has made me realise that I am aging along with the rest of the general population. But....gracefully I hope!

 So I'm not quite sure when the perspective shift occurred...and I suddenly went from this young thing thinking everyone was so much older and more mature to this thirty-something who is suddenly realising that those around me who look older and more mature are in fact probably MY AGE.....I gotta admit it's a bit of a shock to the old mind set to get my head around this.

I wonder if that means when I'm 60 (God willing!), I'll be looking at 20 year-olds and thinking how young they look. Logic would say so I guess.

So in light of these thoughts it's appropriate to share a clip that I came across last week - reminding us all there is much more to love about our individuality and the beautiful bodies we have been given to store our souls in and walk this Earth with than we can see ourselves. It doesn't matter what age we feel, or what age we actually are.

Either way, we are more beautiful than we think.

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